Brighton Speedway Beats The Rain On Weese Racing Anti-Bullying Night

Supporters of the fifth annual Weese Racing anti-bullying night sported red t-shirts and joined Caley Weese on the front stretch for a photo at intermission. (Rod Henderson photo).

By Clayton Johns

BRIGHTON, Ont. (August 20, 2016) – Brighton Speedway had to take pause for a brief rain shower, but the show was completed during the fifth annual Weese Racing Anti-Bullying night presented by McDougall Insurance and Financial and Read’s Accounting on Saturday.

With four laps completed in the Bainer’s OilGARD Canadian Modified feature, rain fell on the speedway and forced a delay of approximately 20 minutes while the moisture was worked back in to the track. But the show went on and was completed as scheduled, all before the clock struck 10:00pm.

Caley Weese and her team were joined by hundreds of anti-bullying supporters on the front stretch at intermission for a photo to help stand-up to bullying in the local community. Weese’s team participates in several community events throughout the year to help spread the word on the harmful effects of bullying and the need to end it. This year, the campaign sold 700 t-shirts, which sport the “no bull” tagline.

Sandercock Tops Pro Late Models

Charlie Sandercock claimed his third Vanderlaan Building Products Pro Late Model win of the season on Saturday, August 20. (Rod Henderson photo).

Charlie Sandercock claimed his third Vanderlaan Building Products Pro Late Model win of the season on Saturday, August 20. (Rod Henderson photo).

The final round of the Hotch’s Auto Parts Triple crown was on tap for the Vanderlaan Building Products Pro Late Model Triple Crown. Brandon Mowat (No.46 Target Fabrication) and Charlie Sandercock (No.57 Bellevue Fabricating) lined up on the front row and quickly broke away from the rest of the field. A fast and tacky track following the rain shower 20 minutes earlier led to thrilling battles early.

Mowat paced Sandercock until lap 13 when he struggled to get past the slower Brian Down (No.8 Unique Landscaping). Mowat was forced to hit the brakes in turn two when Down pushed up the racetrack, allowing Sandercock to steal the lead.

Charlie Sandercock claimed his third Vanderlaan Pro Late Model feature this season. (Rod Henderson photo).

Charlie Sandercock claimed his third Vanderlaan Pro Late Model feature this season. (Rod Henderson photo).

Two laps later, Mowat spun on the backstretch and appeared to suffer damage to the nose of the car that ultimately ended his night a handful of laps later. Sandercock meanwhile stymied the efforts of second-place runner Adam Turner (No.92 Village Variety) on four separate restarts to earn his third win of the season in weekly action at Brighton and fourth overall. Turner finished second while Andrew Hennessy (No.57x Bellevue Fabricating) drove Sandercock’s backup car to a third-place finish. Hennessy raced in preparation for next Saturday night where he will compete for Sandercock’s points.

Shawn Gregory Claims Soggy Canadian Modified Race

Shawn Gregory won his first Bainer's OilGARD Canadian Modified feature. (Rod Henderson photo).

Shawn Gregory won his first Bainer’s OilGARD Canadian Modified feature. (Rod Henderson photo).

Adam Whaley (No.12 John’s Equipment) and Kraig Handley (No.91 Tri-Canadian Energy) started on the front row of the 25-lap feature for the Bainer’s OilGARD Canadian Modifieds. Handley led early until a lap five caution that led to a delay in the race when rain fell. When the race resumed, Dan Ferguson (No.11 Kilmarnock Enterprise) led on the restart after Handley and Whaley banged wheels in turn four.

Another restart on lap eight saw Shawn Gregory (No.1 PartSource Belleville) line-up behind Ferguson. Gregory took the lead on lap nine in the outside lane and paced the field the rest of the way. Ferguson suffered a broken rear-end in his No.11 on lap 18 that brought out the final caution flag. Andrew Hennessy (No.87 RJ Equipment Rentals) chased Gregory over the final seven laps, but fell short by less than two-tenths of a second. The victory was Gregory’s first this season in the Canadian Modified division.

Lucky Seven For Justin Ramsay

Justin Ramsay celebrates in victory lane with supporters from Read's Accounting following his seventh Brighton Automotive Pro Stock win of the season. (Rod Henderson photo).

Justin Ramsay celebrates in victory lane with supporters from Read’s Accounting following his seventh Brighton Automotive Pro Stock win of the season. (Rod Henderson photo).

After misfortune struck two weeks ago, Justin Ramsay (No.03 Empey Tire) started on the front row for the Brighton Automotive Pro Stock feature and led all 20 laps for his seventh win this season. Ramsay paced the field from the drop of the green flag, but was slowed by a caution on the second lap. Rich Sanders (No.29 Orange Motorsports) pursued Ramsay before the final caution of the race on lap five for debris regrouped the field.

Doug Anderson (No.72 Hunt’s Bobcat Service) drove past Sanders for second on lap eight with a mission to catch Ramsay for the lead. However, the ‘Rossmore Rocket’ had opened what proved to be an insurmountable straightaway-long lead. Ramsay was forced to negotiate some lapped traffic, but ultimately cruised to the win over Anderson, Austin Reid (No.85 Kids R Kool), Jonah Mutton (No.39 Apex Auto) and Sanders.

In heat race competition, driver Wade Purchase (No.53 Independent Alternator and Starter) suffered a broke drive shaft. The broken parts ruptured through the floor of the car, injuring Purchase’s arm. The result was a broken elbow for the Picton, Ont. driver. Brighton Speedway wishes Wade Purchase a quick recovery from his injuries.

Jeff Humphrey Scores Comp 4 Win

Jeff Humphrey poses with representatives from Read's Accounting following his Bill's Johns Comp 4 win. (Rod Henderson photo).

Jeff Humphrey poses with representatives from Read’s Accounting following his Bill’s Johns Comp 4 win. (Rod Henderson photo).

Jeff Humphrey (No.2 Off The Hook) dominated the Bill’s Johns Comp 4 A-Main for his first win of the season. Humphrey, who is driving for Bella Cosstick, started on the pole for the 15-lap feature race and led a four-car breakaway from the rest of the field to start the race.

As Humphrey cruised out front, Peter Moore (No.17 Sherry’s Pet Grooming) and Matthew Moore (No.14 Farl’s Auto Body) battled side-by-side for second. The two drivers remained that way over a five-lap period until Matthew Moore emerged with the runner-up spot and took it to the checkered flag behind Humphrey. Peter Moore was third ahead of Josh French (No.08) and Tyler French (No.0 Empey Tire).

McCauley, Lobb Top Stinger Features

Dylan Lobb won his second Quinte Septic Stingers feature. (Rod Henderson photo).

Dylan Lobb won his second Quinte Septic Stingers feature. (Rod Henderson photo).

Both Quinte Septic Stinger features were completed before the rain delay and produced close-quarters racing. Dylan Lobb (No.7 KC Bobcat) started on the front row of the Junior Stinger feature with pole sitter Wayne Jordan (No.68). Jordan paced the field for the first three laps with Lobb glued patiently to his back bumper. Lobb claimed the lead on lap three and never looked back on his way to a second victory this season. Behind him, Willy Bulten (No.50) and Brittany Golden (No.85 Rapid Rad) exchanged the second spot a handful of times with Golden emerging ahead at the finish.

Arthur McCauley won the Quinte Septic Super Stinger feature. (Rod Henderson photo).

Arthur McCauley won the Quinte Septic Super Stinger feature. (Rod Henderson photo).

In the Super Stinger feature it was Arthur McCauley (No.99 East Side Tire) who started on the pole and led all 12 laps for his first victory of the season. McCauley as pursued early by Mark MacDonald (No.28 Cannifton Garage) as the two drivers broke away from the rest of the field. After MacDonald suffered a flat tire mid-race, Chris Lammle (No.95 Lammle Computer Repair) made a bid for the lead, but ultimately fell short as McCauley claimed the checkers.

Up Next – Fan Appreciation Night on August 27

Next Saturday night, August 27, is Fan Appreciation night and the Kids Race for the Canadian National Autism Foundation presented by Towne & Country Liquidation, Behan Construction, and Greig Truck & Trailer. Fans will have the chance to meet their favourite drivers at intermission. The Vanderlaan Building Products Pro Late Models, Bainer’s OilGARD Canadian Modifieds, Brighton Automotive Pro Stocks, and Bill’s Johns Comp 4s are on the schedule. Adults are $10 and a family pass is just $25. More information is available at



A-Main (35 Laps – Hotch’s Auto Parts Triple Crown Race 3 – 16 Entries): 1. 57 Charlie Sandercock, 2. 92 Adam Turner, 3. 57x Andrew Hennessy, 4. 84 Tyler Rand, 5. 12 Kyle Sopaz, 6. 77 Caley Weese, 7. 29 Phil Potts, 8. 1 Andy Mayhew, 9. 55 Mark Rayner, 10. 73x Trevor Lewis, 11. 09 Robbie Wilson, 12. 42 Adam Nayler, 13. 5 Steve Baldwin, 14. 46 Brandon Mowat, 15. 8 Brian Down, 16. 01 Eli Mayhew. No Time. Margin of Victory: 2.270 seconds.

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 84 Tyler Rand, 2. 57 Charlie Sandercock, 3. 46 Brandon Mowat, 4. 5 Steve Baldwin, 5. 77 Caley Weese, 6. 09 Robbie Wilson, 7. 8 Brian Down, 8. 01 Eli Mayhew. Time: 1:55.893 – NTR.

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 12 Kyle Sopaz, 2. 92 Adam Turner, 3. 29 Phil Potts, 4. 57x Andrew Hennessy, 5. 55 Mark Rayner, 6. 73x Trevor Lewis, 7. 42 Adam Nayler, 8. 1 Andy Mayhew. No Time.


A-Main (25 Laps – 12 Entries): 1. 1 Shawn Gregory, 2. 87 Andrew Hennessy, 3. 78 Charlie Sandercock, 4. 12 Adam Whaley, 5. 91 Kraig Handley, 6. 48 Derrick Greig, 7. 03 Derek Bowers, 8. 11 Dan Ferguson, 9. 32 Doug O’Blenis, 10. 88 Josh Hennessy, 11. 07 Curtis King, 12. 00 Darell Toms. (DNS) No Time. Margin of victory: 0.175 seconds.

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 03 Derek Bowers, 2. 32 Doug O’Blenis, 3. 88 Josh Hennessy, 4. 1 Shawn Gregory, 5. 91 Kraig Handley, 6. 00 Darrell Toms. Time: 2:12.654.

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 12 Adam Whaley, 2. 11 Dan Ferguson, 3. 07 Curtis King, 4. 87 Andrew Hennessy, 5. 78 Shelby Mills, 6. 48 Derrick Greig. Time: 2:08.858.


A-Main (20 Laps – 20 Entries): 1. 03 Justin Ramsay, 2. 72 Doug Anderson, 3. 85 Austin Reid, 4. 39 Jonah Mutton, 5. 29 Rich Sanders, 6. 19 Brandon Murrell, 7. 08 Brian Cross, 8. 28 Dan Insley, 9. 2 Leslie Mowat, 10. 91 Cory White, 11. 33 Samantha Mayhew, 12. 02 Carissa Burrows, 13. 14 Chris Dorland, 14. 51 Mike Freeman, 15. 23 Angie Kirby, 16. 13 Ryan Connor, 17. 38 Art Rodgers, 18. 75 James Ellis (DNS), 19. 6 James Boyer (DNS), 20. 53 Wade Purchase (DNS). No Time.

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 72 Doug Anderson, 2. 03 Justin Ramsay, 3. 29 Rich Sanders, 4. 23 Angie Kirby, 5. 6 James Boyer, 6. 14 Chris Dorland, 7. 51 Mike Freeman. No Time.

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 28 Dan Insley, 2. 85 Austin Reid, 3. 08 Brian Cross, 4. 19 Brandon Murrell, 5. 13 Ryan Connor, 6. 02 Carissa Burrows, 7. 75 James Ellis. No Time.

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 2 Leslie Mowat, 2. 39 Jonah Mutton, 3. 38 Art Rodgers, 4. 33 Samantha Mayhew, 5. 53 Wade Purchase, 6. 91 Cory White. No Time.


A-Main (15 Laps – 10 Entries): 1. 2 Jeff Humphrey, 2. 14 Matthew Moore, 3. 17 Peter Moore, 4. 08 Josh French, 5. 0 Tyler French, 6. 44 Nick Hamer, 7. 19 Luke Toms, 8. 7 Kevin Hertendy, 9. 22 Keith Dunk, 10. 11 Adam Flieler. No Time.

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 08 Josh French, 2. 2 Jeff Humphrey, 3. 19 Luke Toms, 4. 11 Adam Flieler, 5. 0 Tyler French, 6. 17 Peter Moore, 7. 7 Kevin Hertendy, 8. 44 Nick Hamer, 9. 14 Peter Moore, 10. 22 Keith Dunk. No Time.


A-Main (12 Laps – 11 Entries): 1. 99 Arthur McCauley, 2. 95 Chris Lammle, 3. 7 Rick Phillips, 4. 19 Shawn MacGregor, 5. 25 Lawrence Evenden, 6. 07 Meagan Golden, 7. 93 Jorden Pickell, 8. 15 Nathan Buckey, 9. 27 David Lemon, 10. 28 Mark MacDonald, 11. 01 Dawson Evans. No Time.

Heat 1 (6 Laps): 1. 28 Mark MacDonald, 2. 19 Shawn MacGregor, 3. 7 Rick Phillips, 4. 07 Meagan Golden, 5. 01 Dawson Evans, 6. 15 Nathan Buckey. No Time.

Heat 2 (6 Laps): 1. 27 David Lemon, 2. 25 Lawrence Evenden, 3. 95 Chris Lammle, 4. 99 Arthur McCauley, 5. 93 Jorden Pickell. No Time.


A-Main (12 Laps – 16 Entries): 1. 7 Dylan Lobb, 2. 85 Brittany Golden, 3. 50 Willy Bulten, 4. 5 Chantel Golden, 5. 87 James Turgeon, 6. 6 Mike Brooks, 7. 11 Jim Kotsilidis, 8. 1 Brock Gregory, 9. 00 Ken Evans, 10. 40 Brant Leggett, 11. 17 Melanie Fortier, 12. 68 Wayne Jordan, 13. 76 Mike Hamilton, 14. 63 Emily Harrington, 15. 73 Tabitha Weese, 16. 4 Tony Reid. No Time.

Heat 1 (6 Laps): 1. 68 Wayne Jordan, 2. 4 Tony Reid, 3. 50 Willy Bulten, 4. 00 Ken Evans, 5. 85 Brittany Golden, 6. 1 Brock Gregory, 7. 17 Melanie Fortier, 8. 76 Mike Hamilton. No Time.

Heat 2 (6 Laps): 1. 40 Brant Leggett, 2. 11 Jim Kotsilidis, 3. 7 Dylan Lobb, 4. 5 Chantel Golden, 5. 87 James Turgeon, 6. 6 Mike Brooks, 7. 63 Emily Harrington, 8. 73 Tabitha Weese. No Time.


Vanderlaan Building Products Pro Late Models: 4 – Phil Potts (April 30, July 2, July 16, July 30); 3 – Steve Baldwin (May 21, June 11, July 23); 3 – Charlie Sandercock (May 28, July 9, August 20); 2 – Adam Turner (May 14, June 18); 1 – Tyler Rand (June 4)

Bainer’s OilGARD Canadian Modifieds: 6 – Andrew Hennessy (May 28, June 4, June 18, July 2, July 23, July 30); 3 – Dan Ferguson (April 30, June 25, July 16); 2 – Josh Hennessy (July 9, August 6); 1 – Doug O’Blenis (May 14); 1 – Curtis King (June 11); 1 – Shawn Gregory (August 20)

Brighton Automotive Pro Stocks: 7 – Justin Ramsay (April 30, June 4, June 18, June 25, July 2, July 30, August 20); 2 – Wade Purchase (May 14, July 16); 2 – Doug Anderson (May 21, June 11); 2 – Brandon Murrell (May 28, July 23); 1 – Jonah Mutton (July 9); 1 – Austin Reid (August 6)

Bill’s Johns Comp 4s: 5 – Tyler French (April 30, May 14, May 28, June 4, July 30); 2 – Josh Read (June 11, July 2); 2 – Josh French (June 18, June 25); 2 – Luke Toms (July 16, July 23); 2 – Adam Flieler (May 21, August 6); 1 – Jeff Humphrey (August 20)

Quinte Septic Super Stingers: 2 – Chris Lammle (May 28, June 11); 2 – Del MacGregor (July 9, August 6); 1 – Rick Phillips (May 14); 1 – Arthur McCauley (June 25); 1 – Mark MacDonald (July 23); 1 – Arthur McCauley (August 20)

Quinte Septic Junior Stingers: 2 – Brittany Golden (May 28, August 6); 2 – Willy Bolton (June 11, July 23); 2 – Dylan Lobb (July 9, August 20)
1 – Chantel Golden (May 14); 1 – James Turgeon (June 25);

Southern Ontario Sprints: 2 – Mitch Brown (May 21, June 18); 2 – Dylan Westbrook (July 9, August 6)

Go Nuclear Late Model Series: 1 – Charlie Sandercock (June 25)

Eastern Ontario Vintage Stock Car Club: 1 – Shawn Gregory (July 16)

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