Westbrook, Hennessy, Ramsay, French, Lammle and Beaudrie Win on Rapid Rad, Read’s Accounting and MyFM Night

BRIGHTON, Ont. – August 5, 2017 – The month of August started in style as 86 cars filled the area for Rapid Rad, Read’s Accounting and MyFM 93.3 night at Brighton Speedway on Saturday. The Southern Ontario Sprints were in town for their fourth visit of the season and it was current series point leader Dylan Westbrook who parked in Victory Lane. Andrew Hennessy, Justin Ramsay, Tyler French, Chris Lammle and Mike Beaudrie also started the new month with wins.

Westbrook Gets Third SOS Win at Brighton

Dylan Westbrook continued his dominance at Brighton Speedway with his third win of the season. The Scotland, Ont. teenager started fifth for the 25-lap Feature event, but jumped to third on the opening lap. It was polesitter Charlie Sandercock of Trenton, Ont. who led the opening lap, but second-starting Chris Jones of Picton, Ont. who claimed the lead on the second lap.

Sandercock and Westbrook battled hard for second, even making contact in turn three that nearly sent both cars spiraling out of control, before the battle was halted on lap four when Al Giletta came to a stop at the top of turn two. Jones got an excellent jump on the ensuing restart while Westbrook continued to battle with Sandercock.

Before the sixth lap could be completed, Sandercock overshot his entry to turn three and spun his No.57 in turn four to bring out the yellow, handing the second spot to Westbrook and third to Alexandria, Ont. pilot Lee Ladouceur.

The yellow with five laps complete setup the final restart of the night as the remaining 20 laps ran without incident. Jones got another excellent restart and opened a three car-length advantage over Westbrook as the top two pulled away from Ladouceur. Jones maintained the lead with a lightning quick line around the top while Westbrook followed suit, but also tested the bottom groove.

On lap 15, Mike Ferrell fell off the pace in turn one right in front of the leaders, forcing the two cars to split around him. Westbrook made the most of his opportunity and darted under both cars in turn two to take the lead. Jones tried to keep pace over the next 10 laps, but fell well back of Westbrook who lapped all but the top six finishers for an 8.910-second margin of victory.

Jones revealed following the race he lost his brakes over the final 10 laps and did everything he could to hold on to the runner-up finish. Ladouceur completed the podium ahead of Joyceville’s Rick Wilson, who finished fourth. Shawn Sliter of Port Colborne, Ont. won a drag race off turn four to steal fifth from rookie Josh Shantz of St. Agatha, Ont.

Hennessy Tops Canadian Modifieds

Mike Lucas and Leslie Mowat started on the front row for the Bainer’s OilGARD Canadian Modified 25-lap Feature. Lucas grabbed an early advantage while Mowat and Adam Whaley battled for second. Behind them, it was Napanee’s Doug O’Blenis who raced from ninth to fourth by lap four.

On lap eight, O’Blenis got by both Mowat and Whaley in the outside lane to take second and was quickly withing striking distance of the leader Lucas. O’Blenis drove the high groove in turn three and took the lead from Lucas off turn four to lead lap nine.

O’Blenis set out to take a convincing lead in the No.32, but was reeled in by the only caution of the race on lap 11 when an implement tire was pushed on the track in turn four. As the field tried to avoid the tire, two cars got the short end of the stick. Derrick Greig’s No.48 got the worst of contact with Curtis King’s No.07 and the incident ended his night.

On the following restart, O’Blenis chose the outside lane and pulled to the lead ahead of Lucas. Andrew Hennessy got past Lucas on lap 13 and set out to track down O’Blenis. He did just that as he drove underneath O’Blenis in turn four on lap 16 and over the next four laps drove away to a half straightaway lead. Without another caution, O’Blenis never got a chance to challenge Hennessy for the lead as he claimed the victory by 3.2 seconds. Charlie Sandercock, who was driving in place of an injured Shelby Mills, finished third while Kraig Handley and Adam Whaley rounded out the top-five.

Ramsay Claims Pro Stock Win

Justin Ramsay’s string of bad luck ended on this week as the Rossmore, Ont. drive found his way back to victory lane in the 20-lap Brighton Automotive Pro Stock Feature. Mike Freeman of Napanee and Jonah Lewis of Shannonville lined-up on the front row and Freeman took advantage of the track position to claim an early lead.

A pair of cautions on laps four and six kept the field close and allowed Ramsay to move his way into the top-five. On the lap six restart, Ramsay restarted outside the front row with Freeman, but could not take the lead. Division point leader Doug Anderson made his way to third and ignited a side-by-side battle for second with Ramsay where the two exchanged taps and door rubs.

The caution waved again on lap 12 when Lewis spun in turn four to reset the field. Anderson lined up outside Freeman for the restart after taking second from Ramsay one lap prior. The pass proved beneficial to Ramsay, who was handed the inside lane for the restart. As the field rolled into turn one, Freeman’s car broke and darted straight toward the top of turn two, handing the lead to Ramsay while Demorestville driver Wade Purchase navigated through the chaos to claim second. Freeman nursed his car back to the pit area and the race stayed green.

Over the final five laps, Purchase knocked repeatedly on Ramsay’s back bumper, but couldn’t gain enough momentum on the outside or off the bottom to pull alongside Ramsay in a bid for the lead. Ramsay’s victory came in his first night back in his primary car after several weeks in backup ride. Purchase and Anderson completed the podium while Chris Dorland of Demorestville and Warren Mowat of Trenton, Ont. completed the top five.

French Tops Comp 4s

A three-month winless streak ended on Saturday night for Bill’s Johns Comp 4 point leader Tyler French as he drove his No.0 to Victory Lane in the final round of the ABC Taxi Triple Crown after a hard fought battle at the front of the field. Matt French started on the pole and led the opening lap while the field raced four and five-wide behind him in a chaotic battle to decide the top-five runners.

The only caution of the race came on lap three when Bella Cosstick of Trenton, Ont. stopped on the backstretch with engine issues. The restart led to a tight battle between Matt French and Jeff Humphrey of Belleville, Ont. Tyler French quickly made it a three-car battle for the lead. Humphrey took the point on lap six, only to lose it one lap later to Tyler French.

With nine laps to go, Tyler French had a new adversary in Adam Flieler, who made his way forward from the ninth starting spot. The two drivers raced nose-to-tail over the remaining laps, but the limited grip on the slick surface prevented Flieler from trying the outside lane and he settled for second behind French’s No.0. It was Tyler French’s first win since opening night on April 29. Flieler Humphrey rounded out the podium while Josh French and Matt French completed the top-five.

Lammle and Beaudrie Claim Stinger Wins

The Quinte Septic Junior Stingers were the first feature of the night to hit the track. Third-starting Willy Bulten of Trenton grabbed the early lead, but it was Mike Beaudrie, also of Trenton, who kept him honest. The two drivers broke away from the pack before Beaudrie seized his opportunity to pass Bulten in traffic on lap four. With five laps to go, Bulten’s car faded with a mechanical issue and gave second to Dylan Lobb. Beaudrie cruised to his first victory of the season over Lobb and Caleb Severin of Campbellford.

In the Quinte Septic Super Stinger Feature, an opening lap collision led to a lengthy delay as Lawrence Evenden’s No.25 was forced off the track and into the turn two ditch. The race returned to green for a 10-lap distance with Stirling’s Megan Golden in front of the field until her car broke on lap three, turning the lead over to Jordan Pickell. Pickell was the point man until a lap six caution when he suffered a flat tire, handing the lead to fellow Trenton native Chris Lammle. Lammle led the final four laps without issue to secure the win while Trenton natives Brittany Golden and Arthur McCauley completed the podium.


Up Next at Brighton Speedway

Brighton Speedway will return to action on August 12 for the Kids Race for the Canadian National Autism Foundation, presented by Archer’s Poultry and Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning. The Vanderlaan Building Products Pro Late Models compete in the final round of their Hotch’s Auto Parts Triple Crown while the Bainer’s OilGARD Canadian Modifieds, Brighton Automotive Pro Stocks and Bill’s Johns Comp 4s are also in action. Race time is 7:00pm and adult admission is just $10. For additional event information, visit www.brightonspeedway.ca.

 Photo Credit: Rod Henderson, CanadianRacer.com

  1. IMG 3645 Andrew Hennessy (No. 87) drove underneath Doug O’Blenis (No. 32) in turn four on lap 16 and over the next four laps drove away to a half straightaway lead to secure the feature win at Brighton Speedway Saturday August 5th.
  2. IMG 3771 Dylan Westbrook continued his dominance at Brighton Speedway with his third win of the season on Saturday August 5th.


Brighton Speedway Statistical Report – August 5, 2017

Southern Ontario Sprints (17 Entries)

Feature (25 Laps – No Time): 1. 47x Dylan Westbrook, 2. 11J Chris Jones, 3. 51 Lee Ladouceur, 4. 42w Rick Wilson, 5. 22 Shawn Sliter, 6. 18 Josh Shantz, 7. 57 Charlie Sandercock, 8. 21 John Burbridge Jr., 9. 01 Kyle Fraser, 10. 15aw April Wilson, 11. 0 Holly Porter, 12. 98 Paul Pekkonen, 13. 25 Warren Mahoney, 14. 66 Frank Baranowski, 15. 71s Josh Sliter, 16. 22x Al Giletta Jr., 17. 15 Mike Ferrell

Heat Winners: 42w Rick Wilson; 47x Dylan Westbrook; 57 Charlie Sandercock


Bainer’s OilGARD Canadian Modifieds (14 Entries)

Feature (25 Laps – No Time): 1. 87 Andrew Hennessy, 2. 32 Doug O’Blenis, 3. 7 Charlie Sandercock, 4. 91 Kraig Handley, 5. 12 Adam Whaley, 6. 03 Derek Bowers, 7. 1 Shawn Gregory, 8. 07 Curtis King, 9. 74 Mike Lucas, 10. 36 Mitch Rosborough, 11. 2 Leslie Mowat, 12. 29 Rich Sanders, 13. 3 Nathan Rinaldi, 14. 48 Derrick Greig

Heat Winners: 32 Doug O’Blenis; 87 Andrew Hennessy


Brighton Automotive Pro Stocks (18 Entries)

Feature (20 Laps – No Time): 1. 03 Justin Ramsay, 2. 53 Wade Purchase, 3. 72 Doug Anderson, 4. 14 Chris Dorland, 5. 2 Warren Mowat, 6. 85 Austin Reid, 7. 28 Dan Insley, 8. 19 Brandon Murrell, 9. 13 Ryan Connor, 10. 33 Jonah Mutton, 11. 73 Jason Preece, 12. 41 Jeff Howard, 13. 69 Steven Stachura, 14. 78 Jonah Lewis, 15. 71 Rob Archer, 16. 02 Carissa Burrows, 17. 51 Mike Freeman, 18. 08 Brian Cross

Heat Winners: 53 Wade Purchase; 51 Mike Freeman; 72 Doug Anderson


Bill’s Johns Comp 4s (11 Entries)

ABC Taxi Triple Crown Feature (20 Laps – No Time): 1. 0 Tyler French, 2. 11 Adam Flieler, 3. 17 Jeff Humphrey, 4. 08 Josh French, 5. 51 Matthew French, 6. 14 Matthew Moore, 7. 48 Adam Wells, 8. 7 Kevin Hertendy, 9. 22 Keith Dunk, 10. 38 Lloyd Moore, 11. 24 Bella Cosstick

Heat Winners: 0 Tyler French; 11 Adam Flieler


Quinte Septic Super Stingers (10 Entries)

Feature (10 Laps – No Time): 1. 95 Chris Lammle, 2. 85 Brittany Golden, 3. 99 Arthur McCauley, 4. 7 Rick Phillips, 5. 28 Mark McDonald, 6. 93 Jordan Pickell, 7. 07 Megan Golden, 8. 5 Chantel Golden, 9. 25 Lawrence Evenden, 10. 01 Dawson Evans (DQ)

Heat Winner: 85 Brittany Golden


Quinte Septic Junior Stingers (16 Entries)

Feature (12 Laps – No Time): 1. 44 Mike Beaudrie, 2. 7 Dylan Lobb, 3. 12 Caleb Severin, 4. 42 Aidan Fletcher, 5. 50 Willy Bulten, 6. 1 Brock Gregory, 7. 10 Kyle Gregory, 8. 67 James Harrington, 9. 13 Joel Dempster, 10. 79 Robert Jenner, 11. 23 Gary Crain, 12. 87 James Turgeon, 13. 17 Melanie Fortier, 14. 4 Tony Reid, 15. 11 Jim Kotsilidis, 16. 99 Alix Woods

Heat Winners: 7 Dylan Lobb; 87 James Turgeon

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