Our Past Is Honoured on the Wall of Fame at Brighton Speedway

For Immediate Release: Brighton Speedway Wall of Fame Inductions


“The wins will come but you have to be dedicated, put lots of time in and work hard on your car.” Those are the words of advice No. 45 Sam Hazelwood offered to up and coming drivers at Brighton Speedway following the Wall of Fame ceremony Saturday.

Hazelwood, No.007 Fred Linde and Crew Chief Bill Broad were honoured as inductees for their countless contributions to the speedway and the sport.

Known around the track as a dedicated racer at heart, Hazelwood had a way with the wheel. He called it a great honour to be inducted.  “When I was asked what did I have to do to win this award I said, ‘you have to spend a lot of time and money,” he joked getting a heartfelt chuckle from the crowd. “I enjoyed it all.” ‘Slammin’ Sammy Hazelwood hit the track in 1982. He secured multiple wins at 15 different tracks throughout his 20-year Stock Car career and was crowned the 6 Cylinder division champ at Evans Mills Raceway in 1983. The following year Hazelwood brought home the Championship in the Super Stock Division at Brighton.  He set the fastest Late Model lap 1995.  He is still active in the pits assisting Late Model No. 55 Bradley Rayner.   “Sam can make anything turn left,” said tracker promoter Mark Rinaldi.  Hazelwood was a natural on the ice track as he was one of the first to figure out how to get a sled to drift perfectly around the iced turns winning a number of races in the early years.  Longtime friend, Canadian Modified driver No. 39 Jonah Mutton redesigned the right side of his car in tribute of Hazelwood’s ‘95 late model for the Saturday night race.  Calling him a great mentor, Mutton said Hazelwood has supported him with working on the car and offering advise that comes with a wealth of knowledge.  “I look up to Sam,” Mutton said.  “He is probably one of the most respected drivers that I know of.  If someone asked me of the kind of racing career I’d like to shape up, it would be an honour to live up to half of what he has done.”

During his lifetime, Linde’s charisma and character both on and off the track drew people to Brighton Speedway said Rinaldi.  “Love him or hate him, people would show up to watch Fred race,” Rinaldi explained.  Linde’s racing career took off in 1970 and over the course of 30-years he scored multiple championships.  He won the 8 Cylinder division Most Checkered Flags in 1976, 1998 and 1999. Linde took home back-to-back Late Model championships in 1998-99.   He was Fans Favourite and took home Pit Crew of the year three times.  “Fred loved to carry that checkered flag,” said Huck Flindall who raced alongside Linde.  “He wanted to be first.  He was a racer.  He wasn’t out there to fool around.  He was on the pedal all the time.  He had a ton of fans and they loved to see him go.” Both Rinaldi and Flindall expressed how eager Linde was to lend a hand to other drivers at the track.  Rinaldi said Linde helped him with all the machine work on his first engine, something he did with many drivers.  Linde is survived by his sons Jason and Ronald who races No. 37 in the Canadian Modified division. “It means very much to me to have my dad up on the wall this weekend,” said Ronald Linde.  “It’s been a long time coming. He would very much like to be up there on that wall and it brought a smile to my face to see it happen.”  He said his father’s successful racing career is a big motivator for him behind the wheel.  “Everyone always asked me are you going to go out and drive like your dad,” he smiled.  “Now I’m here.”

Behind every great race car driver, there is an amazing pit crew.

For several award-winning drivers at Brighton Speedway, over the span of 40 years, Bill Broad was that crew chief they could rely on to get it done right the first time.  Before his passing during this past off season, Broad was a regular in the pits, always eager to lend a helping hand especially to his favourite County drivers. “He was always someone I looked up too and someone I always appreciated and respected,”  said lifelong friend and Canadian Modified champion No. 87 Andrew Hennessy who nominated Broad for the recognition.  “Anytime I needed something he never once told me he couldn’t help me or that he was to busy. It was obviously one of his biggest passions.”  Broad got his start building and crewing on cars in 1975.  He helped build, prepare and Crew Chief for the 1975 Track Champion No.K1 Carl Kleinsteuber.  Broad raced Late Model for one season in ’77.  He went on to assist drivers as Crew Chief for No. 11 Barry Jones, No. 10 Rick Ferguson and finally his son Bob Broad. He won Pit Crew of the year in 1991.  “Everyday I went by on the bus or rode my bike past the house after school they had a race car at the garage,” Hennessy recalled fondly. “Bill was a perfectionist and he always told me the only way to do things is the right way the first time.” “If anybody had anything that they wanted fixed or repaired they would bring it to Bill,” his brother Jim Broad told the crowd.  “Bill would say now just remember go fast and turn left.” The Broad brothers could be heard in the stands every Saturday night cheering on their favourite County drivers.

“Bill would say these guys at Brighton Speedway are doing one hell of a job,” he said.  “He would want to keep Brighton Speedway going and it’s all up to you.” “He loved this place,” said Broad’s son Bob.  “He was a big supporter of the County and any of the Picton boys.  It was important to him that the County lives on strong.” “Bill is just one of the good ol’ boys with a one of a kind personality,” Hennessy said. “Every once in a while you come across people like him and you just know that they’re real and you can’t help but have respect for them.”


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Wall of Fame Inductions on Saturday, July 21st at Brighton Speedway honoured long time track supporter Bill Broad; represented by family on the left, No. 007 Fred Linde, represented by sons Ronald Linde & Jason Ashley in the center and No. 45 Slammin’ Sam Hazlewood on the right.

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Jonah Mutton honoured Wall of Fame Inductee No. 45 Sam Hazlewood with a retro body for the night and special message on Saturday at Brighton Speedway.