This past Thursday night at the Brighton Speedway racing action was at full speed with only 2 nights left on the race calendar.  Points battles in all divisions are down to the wire and 52 competitors entered the pit gates looking for 1 more checkered flag in the Kiwanis of Trenton sponsored Kart Klub.

Box Stock 1 had first go at the clay oval for feature time – #01 Blake Gregory and #7 Tate Black revved up their Briggs and Stratton powered karts and took off.  A tight battle between the pair with #7 JB Painting machine of Black in the lead for all of the race as a determined Gregory planned his move.  Off the last corner a slight mistake by Black was all it took as Gregory blew by on the inside for a photo finish and the win, Black with 2nd, #19 Bentley Davidson and #95 Cole Robson in 3rd and 4th.

Rookie 1 next up with Tweed’s #99 Ethan Dobb and Campbellford’s #70 Finley Mahoney on the front row of 7 fast karts.  Dobb used his inside line and pulled out to a nice lead as a great race happened behind him – Colson Gregory, Gabe Miller and Elliot Stacey traded positions like hockey cards as the laps clicked off.  In the end #99 Tweed Dental kart of Dobb picked up the win, #51 Gabe Miller came back for 2nd, #1 Colson Gregory 3rd, #29 Colby Butcher 4th and the #70 Mahoney in the 5th spot.

#9 Cooper McKeown and #71 Trevyn McCrillis paced the Junior Sportsman 1 class to green, McKeown got the lead on the start as the inside line slipped through.  The Havelock natives lead was short lived as a fast #15 of Gordie Miller made his way past and to the top spot.  Miller set his kart in the fast line and was able to pickup the victory over points leader McCrillis in his Brighton Automotive sponsored ride, McKeown held on for 3rd place and #57 Jacob Down ended up 4th at the line.

Sibling rivalry on display in the Box Stock 2 class – Rhys and Bryce Massey out of Port Hope lined up to hit the track and make some laps as they hit the gas out of corner 4.  4th place starter #0 Kolton French wasted no time in moving his KD Transmission kart through and into the lead as everyone fought to keep up.  Keep up was all they could do as French ran some nice clean laps for the win, #44 Tyler Green had a good race and ended up 2nd, #31 Brodie Davidson 3rd, and Rhys and Bryce Massey rounded the top 5.

Rookie 2 Class fired on starter Leslie Mowat’s green flag – Wilson Motors Charley Smith-Wilson in the black and pink #9 had a great run down the front stretch from the pole and paced the field early watching the laps go by.   10 laps didn’t come soon enough for Smith-Wilson as points leader Nolan Chatten, and contenders Ethan Humphrey and Kolby Ellis charged though in hopes for victory.  In the end it was the Roslin Rocket – #22 with the win , #17 Humphrey and #89 Ellis 2nd and 3rd, #9 Smith-Wilson 4th and #09 Gavin Quaterna in the top 5.

9 Junior Sportsman 2 karts rolled down the backstrech led by #9t Garren Taylor and #91 Bailey Andrews – The Taylor crew hit the setup early as it looked like the #9t was glued to the racetrack as he pulled from the pack.  Some great passing throughout the field saw some rearward starting karts able to manuver their machines towards the front, 2 to note coming from the 7th and 8th positions #35d Dylan Moore and #21 James Markland with some great driving on the night.  Untouchable is what we will say about the #9t of Taylor as he picked up the win, #35d Moore 2nd, #21 Markland 3rd, #55 Carson Down and #91 Bailey Andrews 4th and 5th after a great race.

Another big class – 9 Junior Restricted karts paced by Belleville’s Lexi Lucas and Napanee’s Kaitlyn O’Blenis, the #23k of O’Blenis got the run off the top side and headed into the 1st corner in the lead, followed through by 5th place starter #11 Cole McKeown.  Clean Air was what the #23k liked as she pulled on the field and distanced herself from challengers, green to checkers – O’Blenis with the nice smooth win and gaining points in a heated battle for a championship.  After that it was #02 Holly Denard holding her own and completing the all girl podium #74 Lexi Lucas in 3rd.  #11 McKeown and points leader #35b Brennan Moore in 5th.

One more feature event on the night under the lights as daylight was disappearing, Stock Lite with #83 Koen O’Hara and #48 Chandler LeClair leading the way.  3rd place starter #17 Kyle Anderson was on a mission for the 20 lap feature event as he pulled into the early lead.  Multiple yellows on a slippery track slowed the pace but Anderson was unfazed as he broke the win streak held by the karts out of the Brighton Speedway stable.  Also coming home with season highs the #48 of LeClair and the #83 of O’Hara stayed out of trouble and picked up the 2 and 3 spots, #7 Anthony Rinaldi and #23 Cole Perry rounded the top 5.

The last points event of the 2019 Kart Racing season is this Thursday August 29th at 6:45 pm.  Don’t miss your chance to see a night of great racing for only $6 – check out points, and results at

Also Brighton Speedway will once again be holding the APPLEFEST KARTING & LAWN MOWER RACING SHOOTOUT on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28th – plan ahead and don’t miss out!

StoryTime by Zeke McKeown Media