August 20th Kart Report

Brighton Speedway Kart Klub was back in action this past Thursday night, as we near the end of August and with only a couple of dates left on the Karting schedule.  53 karts signed in the back gate as drivers and crews prepped their machines to get ready for battle.

Box Stock 1 division was first to roll on the speedway for their feature event with #18 Sterling Bent and #100 Hannah Harrison starting up front of the 10 kart field.  Hard on the go pedal #97 Reilly Day wasted no time to get to the front from his 5th place starting position, followed through by #97 Max Taylor – the pair had a great race as they picked through traffic, at the end of the — Day was able to hold on and get the win over Max Taylor, #51t Lynden Taylor kept within striking distance and got 3rd, #100 Harrison and #48 Knoxin Wells rounded the top 5.
#0 Kolton French and #44x Tyler Green led the Rookie 1 class to starter Anthony Rinaldi’s green flag, with French using the inside line and pulling to the lead early.  The #0 seemed to have good control until the halfway point as his engine started to go sour, #19 Audrey Toms and #80 Brock Beattie were quick to capitalize on the opportunity as they moved to the 1 and 2 spots.  A back and forth battle ended up with the #80 of Brock Beattie picking up the win, Toms 2nd, #44x Tyler Green 3rd, #9 Rhys Massey 4th and the #0 French salvaged a top 5.
Junior Sportsman 1 started their 15 lap feature with #18 Elliot Stacey and #1 Coleson Gregory on the point.  Stacey was on a mission running a nice clean line with Gregory pulling out every trick in the book to make the pass – inside – outside and through the middle, Stacey held steady and kept #18 at the top of the leaderboard and drove it straight to victory lane, Coleson Gregory settled for 2nd and #93 Bryce Massey 3rd.
A group of 4 Box Stock 2 competitors fired up and hit the little oval  – #7 Tate Black and #19 Bentley Davidson controlled the pace as they rolled out of corner 4 and punched the loud pedal.  Black held the inside and pulled a couple kart lengths as he figured out the fast line and fended off attempts by both Davidson and #01 Blake Gregory.  As the checkers fell it was Black at the top of the podium Gregory 2nd, Davidson 3rd, and Cole Robson finishing off the running order in 4th.
Rookie 2 lit the fire in their methanol burning engines as they pulled off of the grid with #9s Summer Vallier and #70 Finley Mahoney at the top of the lineup.  Vallier with a great start had the advantage as they blasted down the frontstretch and into corner 1 followed through closely by points leader #10 Landen Menard.  Some very tight racing with a 4 kart group of Vallier, Menard, Mahoney and #51 Gabe Miller socially distancing themselves from the rest of the pack.  In the end Vallier held on for the W, give 2nd to Menard, 3rd to Mahoney, 4th and 5th went to #14 Holden Paul and #51 Gabe Miller.
As the racetrack lights brightened up the fading sunlight, the Junior Sportsman 2 division ran down the backstraight and through corner 3 and 4.  #28 Ashton Sanderson and #89 Kolby Ellis were on point – Ellis made it 1st into corner 1 as the field of 10 karts fought behind him.  A very fast 15 lap main event saw many karts in the top 5 as drivers battled the tacky track and the karts around them.  Coming from his 6th place starting spot – #15 Gordie Miller ended up on top with the win followed by #01 Tyson Gregory, #35d Dylan Moore, #71 Trevyn McCrillis and #9s Cooper McKeown rounded off the top 5.
8 Junior Restricted karts paced by #44 Geoffrey Boates and #91 Bailey Andrews  – the #91 of Andrews made the run off the top stick as he moved into the lead.  Before the halfway mark points leaders #74 Lexi Lucas and #35b Brennan Moore had put themselves in position to take the 1 and 2 spots as the #21 of James Markland followed through for 3rd.  Moore Racing had the kart set nicely as Brennan handily counted laps in the top spot till the checkers – Moore with the win, Lucas 2nd, Markland 3rd, #99 Cam Bristow and Picton’s Caydie Lucas were in the top 5 on the night.
Stock Lite under the lights for their 20 laps of action – #83 Koen O’Hara, #23k Kaitlyn O’Blenis, #11 Cole McKeown was the order on the board. The 3 veteran Brighton Speedway kart racers used every inch of clay they could as the scoring tower looked like the PowerBall numbers at the NYS Lotto before the balls are drawn…… AND YOUR WINNERS ARE 11, 83, 23 – McKeown with the win, O’Hara 2nd and O’Blenis settling for 3rd.
The heat will be on – Thursday August 27th as kart racing resumes on the little oval.  Please keep up to date on points and info at or the Go Kart Racing Facebook page.
StoryTime – By Zeke McKeown Media