Caswell Captures Great Crate Race III, Sandercock Wins Danny Reid Memorial while Cindy Mosco Picks up the Monster Enduro on Final Weekend of the Year!

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September 30th, 2013

It was a busy weekend at Brighton Speedway as a big crowd was on hand Saturday for the McDougall Insurance and Financial Great Crate Race and John’s Equipment Danny Reid Memorial.  On Sunday the Speedway hosted the the Lange and Fetter Ford Eve of Destruction with the Workman Auto Repair School Bus races in front of a standing room only crowd.  Both events had there highlights and kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Saturday night hosted all five Brighton Speedway divisions for the last time in 2013 with extra special events for the Vanderlaan Building Supplies Late Models and OilGuard Canadian Modifieds.  Points were in the books for the Brighton Automotive Pro Stocks and the Modifieds and although it was a points night for the Quinte Septic Stingers and the Bill’s Johns Comp 4’s the points leader in both divisions could not be caught.  That left only the Late Model title to be finalized.  With the points lead tied between Corey Earl and Charlie Sandercock and the Great Crate Race being a show up points event only it was decided that championship would be settled in a ten lap dash between just the two drivers.  There was a lot of hype and excitement over this event and both drivers were eager to participate.   Corey Earl stated “the competition started on the track, and should end on the track!” As the two time Late Model Champion Earl had the choice between the high side or the low side on after both suffering mechanical difficulties in the Late Model Heat Races Earl and Sandercock met nose to nose on the front straight prior to their duel.  A competitive start put Sandercock out front and it looked like Earl’s issues he sufferred in the heat race hadn’t been resolved enough as he gradually fell back.  Sandercock took the checkered flag as fans came to their feet in excitement.

Sandercock  would also go on to win the John’s Equipment Danny Reid Memorial 50 Lap Canadian Modified Race subbing for Jason Curlett in the the #77 Pierce Race Car.  Starting dead last in the field of 18 cars Sandercock used the extreme high side of the track to work his way into forth position trailing race long leader #11 Dan Ferguson, #87 Andrew Hennessy and point Champion #33 Ryan Scott.  Sandercock’s luck would come in during this race as the top three battled hard and then slowly dropped out with Scott loosing a motor around lap 30.  A few laps later Hennessy, just after he had passed Ferguson for the lead would break a drive shaft after coming out of turn four handing the lead back to Ferguson.  Then on the ensuing restart Ferguson for no reason but bad luck would have a right front tire go down forcing him to pit and handing the lead over to Sandercock on lap 38.  Sandercock would hold on for the win and the $2,000.00 pay day picking up his first Danny Reid Memorial Trophy.

In the McDougall Insurance and Financial 65 Lap Great Crate Race it was North East New York State hot shoe Dale Caswell who missed a lap three wreck and had to battle hard all race long to take home his first ever win at the Brighton Speedway.  Caswell took over the lead on lap 7 from #20 Tim Kerr and lead the majority of the race but not with out a number of challenges from #4s Chad Ruhlman of Pennslyvania, #33 Rick Miller of New York and #25 Greg Belyea.  Those four cars would dice it up for the better part of 50 laps.  Belyea who started back in 15th spot would actually use lap tracffic to his advantage going around the extreme high side taking the lead on lap 57 but two laps latter Caswell would catch Belyea and the two would battle side by side again well Ruhlman was right there waiting for either to slip up just one bit.  In the end Caswell would hold off Belyea and Ruhlman as they completed the top three respectively well notable mention goes to #57 Charlie Sandercock and #11 Corey Earl who both had to transfer out of the B-Main to even make the field and managed to come from there 20th and 21st starting spots up to 4th and 5th respectively.  Thirty Cars were on hand for this years Great Crate Race withl 26 cars starting the main event,

Other winners on Saturday night included #1 Rob Murray in the Brighton Automotive Pro Stock Division, #43 Tom Vance in the Bills Johns Comp 4’s and #19 Del MacGregor in the Quinte Septice Stingers.  The 2013 Champions were MacGregor in the Stingers, Vance in the Comp 4, #72 Doug Anderson in the Pro Stocks, #33 Ryan Scott in the Canadian Modifieds and #57 Charlie Sandercock in the Late Models.

On Sunday it was the final event of the season and the anticpation was high for the wild and crazy events of the Lange & Fetter Eve of Destruction.  The Juniors Enduro was up first and it was #20 Charlie Pederson that picked up the win over seven other youngsters under the age of 18.  The Ladies Enduro was won by #78 Shelby Mills in the 30 Lap race.  The Hotch’s Auto Parts Monster Enduro saw Cindy Mosco narrowly beat out her nephew Justin Gregory in the 100 lap event that was full of action and excitement.

The Workman Auto Repair School Bus feature was pack full of excitement and saw sophmore driver #55 Matt Downs pick up his first ever bus win over crafty veterens #77 Bernie Rhebergen and #24 Rick Sopaz.  A field of 11 busses made the feature and all finished but the #9 of Dereck Veurgdenhil who sufferred radiator damage in contact with the #24 Sopaz.

The always exciting Trailer Race saw the only role over of the day as Jody Trottman tumbled his Trent Hills Fire Department rescue van in turn one.  Trottmam and his passenger were unhurt and the van drove off under its own power but had two flat tires and was forced to go pit side.  Caley Weese was able to keep her trailer on and win the 12 lap race of mayhem as a guest driver in the Man Cave Racing Van.

The Gauntlet saw six independent drivers looking for revenge on Bernie Rhebergen and his Limo.  Last year Bernie won the event as he completed 6 laps while the bad guys did all they could to try and stop him.  This year was another story however as the 6 bad guys teamed up and continued to pound on Rhebergen’s limo.  Bernie out smarted them a few times and got away until finally all the hits caught up to the 1988 limo causing it to snap a rear axle and allowing the bad guys to pin him in turn 4.  The crowd gave Rhebergen a loud cheer as he emerged from his limo for his valiant effort.

The Long Jump was won by  #97 Brennan Neilsen when he lanched his car off the jump and landed 65 feet!  The Flag Pole Race saw a lot of action on the front straight including the flag pole being run over not once but twice!  In the end it was #20 Charlie Pederson who came home the winner as #03 Justin Ramsay was put down 1 lap for missing the flag on lap one.

Chris Fleiler pulled off the repeat in the the Brighton Recycling Demo Derby, Chris beat and bashed the 9 other cars as his Intrepid just wouldn’t die, picking up his second derby win in as many years.

Brighton Speedway Staff and Management would like to thank its fans, drivers, sponsors and supporters for a great 2013 season.  Keep upto date with exciting news as we start to plan for the 2014 season by checking back with

Brighton Speedway Race Results

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Bill’s Johns Comp 4 Feature

  1.  #43 Tom Vance, 2. #44 Brandon Wilkie, 3. #11 Adam Flieler, 4. #94 Brady Greer, 5. #47 Riley Greer

Brighton Automotive Pro Stock Feature

  1. #M1 Rob Murray, 2. #83 Jay O’Hara, 3. #23 Rob Perry. 4. #72 Doug Anderson, 5. #09 Robbie Wilson

Danny Reid Memorial 50 Lap OILgard Anti Rust Canadian Modified Feature

  1. #77 Charlie Sandercock (sub for Curlette), 2. #91 Kraig Handley, 3. #55 Jamie Marshall, 4. #23 Paul Milligan, 5. #12 Adam Whaley

Quinte Septic Stinger Feature

  1. #19 Del MacGregor, 2. #42 Andy Fletcher, 3. #06 Steve Wells, 4. #95 Christopher Lammle, 5. #93 Jorden Pickell

McDougall Insurance & Financial Great Crate Race 65 Lap Vanderlaan Building Supplies Late Model Feature

  1. #R19 Dale Caswell, 2. #25 Greg Belyea, 3. #4S Chad Ruhlman, 4. #57 Charlie Sandercock, 5. #11 Corey Earl

Sunday, September 29th Eve Of Destruction

Hotch’s Auto Parts Junior Enduro

  1. #20 Cameron Pederson, 2. #53 Alex Barragan

Hotch’s Auto Parts Ladies Enduro

  1. #78 Shelby Mills, 2. #22 Cindy Mosco

Hotch’s Auto Parts Monster Enduro

  1. #22 Cindy Mosco, 2. J56 Justin Gregory, 3. #66 Jonathan Gifford, 4. #20 Charlie Pederson, 5. #88 Matt Schutt

Trailer Race

  1. #68 Caley Weese, 2. #29 Charlie White, 3. #95 Brad May

Flag Pole

  1. #20 Charlie Pederson, 2. #28 Mitchell Klompmaker, 3. #747 Brian Hennessy

Car Long Jump

  1. #97 Brennan Neilsen

Brighton Recycling Demo Derby

  1. #17 Chris Flieler

Workman Auto Repair OK Tire Quinte West School Bus Feature

  1. #55 Matt Down, 2. #77 Bernie Rhebergen, 3. #24 Rick Sopaz

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IMG2851: Pro Late Model Driver #77 Caley Weese capped off her 2013 Anti Bullying Campaign with the sale of over 650 T Shirts to raise awareness of Bullying.  Supporters joined her on the front straight at Brighton Speedway Saturday night prior to the racing event.


IMG 2893: Charlie Sandercock subbing for #77 Jason Curlette finally added the Danny Reid Memorial 50 Lap Canadian Modified event to his list of accomplishments. He is seen here with John Kemp and members of Danny Reid’s family Saturday night at Brighton Speedway.


IMG2910:  #19 Dale Caswell takes home the $5000.00 cheque during the 3rd Annual 65 lap McDougall Insurance & Financial Great Crate Race at Brighton Speedway.

IMG4569: In a 10 Lap Dash to the Championship defending Pro Late Model Champion #11 Corey Earl faced #57 Charlie Sandercock in a tie breaking race that saw Sandercock take the single point lead and the 2013 Championship title at Brighton Speedway.