Checkers fly for Baldwin, Hennessy, Ramsay and Flieler

Victory lane saw some new and familiar faces at Brighton Speedway Saturday night.

A large crowd filled the stands for a full card of action packed racing featuring Late Models, Canadian Modified, the Thunder Stock Triple Crown and Comp 4. The night brought to race fans by Bay Marine, B&H Carpet Sales and Service and 95.5 Hits FM also saw best appearing car presentations. Best Late Model went to No. 9 Bryan Sudsbury, Canadian Modified No. 32 Doug O’Blenis, Thunder Stock No. 03 Justin Ramsay and Comp 4 No. 0 Tyler French.

Steve Baldwin scores first season win

No. 5 Steve Baldwin took an early lead in the Pro Late Model feature and didn’t let up for 28 laps to take his first checkered flag of the season. He left No. 09 Robbie Wilson, No. 89 Austin King to battle out runner-up, which went to King. They had their work cut out for them holding returning champion No. 57 Charlie Sandercock in fourth spot for the last fifteen laps. Andy Mayhew picked up a fifth place finish.

Hennessy hooks two in a row

His second win of the 2018 season, didn’t come easy Saturday night as returning Canadian Modified champ No. 87 Andrew Hennessy had to move from the middle of a competitive pack hungry also for victory. Adam Whaley was fierce in his No. 12 machine taking the lead from No. 29 Rich Sanders on lap 10. As Whaley could almost taste victory lane, Hennessy came in and stole checkers on the nineteenth lap, forcing Whaley to settle for second. Another hard fought night by No. 91 Kraig Handley who took third. No. 57 Lee Sandercock placed fourth and No. 39 Jonah Mutton took fifth place.

Ramsay rules Thunder Stock Triple Crown

In a caution riddled Thunder Stock Triple Crown, that weeded out a good portion of the field, No. 03 Justin Ramsay remained untouched through 25 laps. He took the lead early on in the second lap. Champ No. 72 Doug Anderson’s infamous smooth moves were on point again as he moved through the leaders on a mission to steal Ramsay’s thunder again. Thirsty for vengeance after Anderson robbed him of opening night checkers on the last lap, Ramsay held the hammer down Saturday parking it at the finish line first forcing ‘The Big Smooth’ to settle for second.

Back to back wins for Flieler

Adam Flieler is proving to be a solid contender again this season in his No. 11 Comp 4 machine as snagged himself back to back wins. Just when the pack lead by No. 43 Devon Kippen was halfway home, Flieler took the top spot for the remaining four laps. A solid chase by No. 0 Tyler French and No. 14 Matthew Moore who came out with second and third place finishes respectively.

NEXT WEEK AT BRIGHTON: Pinty’s & Mix 97 host the SOUTHERN ONTARIO SPRINTS presented by Sanderson Tire & Automotive featuring the Hotch’s Auto Parts LM Triple Crown Race 1 the TS Duel on the Dirt Qualifier 1 & C4. There are no Canadian Modified or Stinger races.

The green flag drops at 7 p.m. Front gates open at 5:30 p.m.

Photos By Rod Henderson,

Img 3596              The Vanderlaan Building Supplies Late Model Division #5 Steve Baldwin of Trenton grabs the checkered flag for his first of many on Saturday, May 12th at Brighton Speedway.

Img 3460              The Bainer’s OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modified’s repeat winner on Saturday, May 12th at Brighton Speedway was the Bay Marine #87 of Andrew Hennessy.

Bill’s Johns Comp 4 Feature Finish 5/12/2018


  1. Adam Flieler(Trenton, ON), 2. Tyler French (Belleville, ON), 3. Matthew Moore (Port Hope, ON), 4. Devon  Kippen (Trenton, ON), 5. Willy Bulten (Trenton, ON), 6. Kevin Hertendy (Cobourg, ON), 7. Bella Cosstick (Trenton, ON), 8. Emily  Peterson, 9. Bob Akey (Trenton, ON), 10. Lloyd Moore (SUB) (Port Hope, ), 11. Terry  Gorgerat (Goojaa) (Consecon, ON), 12. Keyes Williamson (Ameliasburgh, ), 13. Joel  Dempster (SUB Brady Greer) (Bloomfield, ON), 14. Keith Dunk (Brighton, ON), 15. Joel  Gareau (Trenton, ON), 16. Nick Morton (Brighton, ON),

Brighton Automotive Pro Stock Feature Finish 5/12/2018


  1. Justin Ramsay (Trenton, ON), 2. Doug Anderson (Trenton, ON), 3. Mike Freeman (Brighton, ON), 4. Chris Hale (oshweken , ON), 5. Adam Wells (Madoc, ON), 6. Mike Lucas (Belleville, ON), 7. Dan Insley (Wellington, ON), 8. Jeff Howard(Trenton, ON), 9. Bryan  Mitts (Wooler, ), 10. Ryan Murrell (Gores Landing, ON), 11. Carissa Burrows (Ameliasburgh, ON), 12. Warren Mowat (Trenton, ON), 13. Angie Kirby (Ameliasburg, ON), 14. Dave Barrett (Colborne, ON), 15. Cory White (Trenton, ON), 16. Rob Perry (Foxboro, ON), 17. Travis Coates (Bloomfield, ON), 18. Chris Dorland (Demorestville, ON), 19. Steven Stachura (Stirling, ON), 20. Wade Purchase (Demorestville, ON), 21. Austin Reid (Brighton, ON), 22. Jeff Humphry (Belleville, ON), 23. Brian Cross (Picton, ON),

Bainer’s Oilgard Anti Rust Canadian Modified Feature Finish 5/12/2018


  1. Andrew Hennessy (Picton, ON), 2. Adam Whaley (Frankford, ON), 3. Kraig Handley(Picton, ON), 4. Jonah Mutton (Brighton, ON), 5. Curtis King ` (Wooler, ON), 6. Rich Sanders (Brighton, ON), 7. Leslie Turcotte-Mowat (Trenton, ON), 8. Doug O’Blenis (Napanee, ON), 9. Lee Sandercock (Belleville, ON), 10. Greg Belyea  (Stirling, ON), 11. Derrick Greig (Belleville, ON), 12. Brandt  Graham (Orono, ON), 13. Nathan Rinaldi (Brighton, ON), 14. Ronald  Linde (Trenton, ON),

Vanderlaan Building Products Late Model Feature Finish 5/12/2018


  1. Steve Baldwin (Trenton, ON), 2. Austin King (Port Hope, ON), 3. Robbie Wilson (Trenton, ON), 4. Charlie Sandercock(Trenton, ON), 5. Andy Mayhew (Picton, ON), 6. Brandon Mowat (Brighton, ON), 7. Phil Potts (Trenton, On), 8. Caley Weese  (Carrying Place, ON), 9. Kyle Sopaz  (Carrying Place, ON), 10. Bradley Rayner (Codrington, ), 11. Bryan Sudsbury (Bewdley, ),