Registration will open on May 1st.  Follow this link below to complete the online registration form

2020 Eve of Destruction Registration Form – Click Here

The day’s events are as follows in the order below:

  • Junior 25 Lap Enduro (Ages 14 to 18 with NO race experience)
  • Ladies 35 Lap Enduro
  • School Bus Heat Races
  • Hotch’s Autoparts 100 Lap Enduro 4 & 6 CYLINDER CARS ONLY
  • School Bus Feature Event
  • 15 Lap Trailer Race
  • 10 Lap Flag Pole Race
  • The Gauntlet! 6 Laps of Mayhem!
  • Long Jump Competition
  • The Brighton Recycling Demolition Derby ___________________________________________________________________

**Additional Safety Rules**See Below For More!
Driver safety is our number one priority and we will refuse poorly built or excessively rotted cars.
– 2 wheel drive cars only.
-Engine and bolt on components are to remain Stock to car being raced. (Excludes air filter and tube).
-No flashing lights on cars.
18″X 18″ fin to be mounted on roof or trunk lid with car number displayed. Must be able to be read from stands seating.
-No poor installations of seats or belts. Minimum of four 3/8 bolts if using aluminum seat, 2 on base and 2 on back support.
-A passenger may be allowed for trailer race providing there is a minimum 4 point race harness installed.
-A rubber floor mat is required to be secured above battery to prevent contact with hood on impact and to protect driver if mounted inside car. Battery may be mounted inside car in milk crate or approved battery box. 1 ratchet strap over battery minimum.
-All flammable materials must be removed except drivers seat and dash. No carpet, plastic or passenger seats.
-Sunroofs must have glass removed and hole covered with body metal.
-All glass MUST be removed from cars AND TRAILERS including signal and fog lights. Windshield is allowed but suggested to be removed.
-ZERO broken glass is allowed in cars. Not in trunk, floors or inside doors. Cars will be refused.
-No mirrors!
-NO cellphones or communication device.
-ONE bar may be added above or below existing bumper to protect rad. MUST NOT be any larger than 2″ square. Must not stick out further ahead than bumper. Only one support on either side to connect to added bar but can not extend more than 10″ behind bar.
-Front and rear plastic bumper covers must be removed.
-2 chains (or cable)from bumper attached to main body, front and rear. NO SWINGSET CHAINS.
-ALL wheel nuts/bolts are mandatory on every tire. No aluminum wheels on passenger side of car.
-Safety screen must be installed on driver half of front window opening. Plus two 3/8 (minimum)upright support bars.
-Hoods must have factory latch removed and replaced with hood pins or seat belts. NO WIRE!
-NO V8 ENGINES ALLOWED for enduros.
-Fuel tank. If it’s loose or leaking, doesn’t pass. May be left in stock position as long as straps still good and it’s ahead of rear axle. If remounted in trunk, it must be placed as far forward as possible. Must close off trunk area with body metal. NO fuel lines to be rerouted through inside of car.
-Air bags in steering wheel removed.
-Tires- No lug style tires. Maximum tread with is 9 inches. M&S allowed but no snows.
-Exhaust may be cut off but must be in place to rear of driver and wired up so doesn’t drag on track. Please remove mufflers.
Radiator is to remain in stock location under hood.

**-Safety items-fire extinguisher (optional)mounted securely, gloves, coveralls or fire suit. Foam neck collar or better such as Necksgen are highly recommended and MAY be mandatory next year.

Please do not show up to race and have a car full of glass, junk, tires etc. If your car is not ready for tech when tech starts, you may be pulled from your current starting position and made to start scratch.

NEW-best appearing awards will be given out including best themed cars.


General Rules:

  1. Note the change in registration costs. Each DRIVER is required to pay the back gate admission of $25.00 in addition to their registration. The cost for admission is NO LONGER included in the registration fee. SCORERS will pay either $25.00 at the back gate or applicable entrance fees at the Front Gate.
  2. All drivers are responsible for providing their own scorers for the 100 Lap Enduro. If no scorer is provided your finish will not be recorded.
  3. Any 2 Wheel Drive car.  (If compact car is used, it must be braced inside.)
  4. All glass and flammable materials must be removed.
  5. One bar (hoop) permitted in front of the Radiator but behind the body lines.  Cannot be tied into the frame or reinforced with any lateral bracing.
  6. No outside re-enforcement allowed.
  7. Maximum 9″ tires (tread width).  No race tires.  No studs. No Lug Style Snow tires.
  8. If inside door or roof is cut out, re-enforcement pipe must be in place for safety.
  9. No trucks, 4-wheel drive vehicles or station wagons.
  10. Car must have full body.
  11. Car number must be 18″ high and clearly visible on the passenger side door.
  12. No Flashing lights of any kind.
  13. Stock engine and components.

 Safety Rules:

  1. Lap and shoulder belts.  5 point harness is recommended.  Seat belts must be fitted to the driver with the shoulder harness locked in place by a bolt of tape.  Seat must be solid to the floor.
  2. Full faced helmet required.
  3. Gas tank must either be in the trunk strapped with at least 2″ strapping with a firewall between driver compartment and trunk OR if the fuel tank is under the rear seat in front of the rear axle it may remain provided the straps are in good shape and the tank DOES NOT LEAK.
  4. All doors must be welded shut and chained when possible.
  5. Metal mesh (chicken wire) wind screen mandatory in front of driver compartment.  Maximum 1” square holes.
  6. Must wear full pants and shirts.  No t-shirts and shorts.  Fire suits are recommended.
  7. Plastic Bumpers and foam bumper inserts must be removed from the car entirely
  8. Remaining steel bumpers must be chained to a solid body member.
  9. Must have all wheel nuts on all studs on all wheels.
  10. Quick release hood and trunk If fuel tank is in the trunk: no nuts & bolts, keys or latches.

 Rules and Procedures of the Race:

  1. The first car to complete the designated number of laps is the winner.
  2. Starting position will be determined by the order that the cars are checked in the pit area on race day, pre-registered drivers will have priority placement.
  3. Cars must hold their position until green flag is displayed.
  4. Yellow flag will be used to rescue cars and drivers that are stuck during the race and pulled in the infield.  The remainder of the cars will hold position and laps will count.  Passing under yellow could lead to the driver being docked laps.
  5. The red flag will be displayed if the track is blocked and racing cannot continue.  All cars must stop.
  6. Cars will be allowed to enter the pits for repair and re-enter the racing surface only when the official indicates that it is safe to do so and only under green or yellow conditions.
  7. The starter will indicate with rolled and crossed flags the mid point of the race.  The white flag will indicate the last lap.
  1. The starter will black flag and disqualify any car and driver with leaking gas tanks, or unnecessary rough driving and pushing.
  1. A special area will be reserved for the scorers of the 100 Lap Enduro in the front grandstands. Each participant of the 100 Lap Enduro must provide TWO Scorers.  No Other Race requires scorers.  On race day the Scorers will follow the instructions of the HEAD SCORER.
  2. A mandatory meeting for all Drivers and Scorers will be held on race day.
  3. Brighton Speedway Official Scorers will have the final determination of winners.
  4. No drugs permitted or use of alcoholic beverages permitted outside of the Licensed Area in Harry’s Place in Turn 4.
  5. Cars will be teched from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm for each race. Teching stations will be closed after this time.  If a car does not pass a Safety Tech Inspection, there will be NO REFUNDS.

Pit Gates open at 7 am, Front Gates at 11:00 am and the first race is at 1:00 pm.

Pit Admission is $25.00

Front Gate admission is

$22.00 for Adults,

$20.00 for Youths and Seniors,

$6.00 for Children 7 -12 and

6 and under are always free or

$60.00 for a Family Pass.

Event Descriptions are as follows.

Juniors Enduro ~ Is a straight 30 Lap Enduro open to any 14-18 year old driver that has no Saturday night racing experience. The cars can be any eligible Enduro car and it may be raced in the ladies or the 150 Enduro, Juniors are also eligible to race in the ladies race (if they are female) or in the Hotch’s Auto Parts 150!

Registration Fee ~– $30.00, Five Days Before Race Event & Day Of – $45.00

Purse ~ 1st – $75.00, 2nd – 40.00, 3rd – $25.00


Ladies Enduro ~ Is a straight 40 Lap Enduro open to any female driver. The cars must be any eligible Enduro car and it may be raced in the Juniors or the 150 Enduro, Ladies are also eligible to race in the Juniors race (if they are under 18) or in the Hotch’s Autoparts 150!

Registration Fee ~– $30.00, Five Days Before Race Event & Day Of – $45.00

Purse ~ 1st – $100.00, 2nd – 60.00, 3rd – $30.00



Hotch’s Auto Parts 100 ~ Is a straight 100 Lap Enduro open to anyone with a vehicle that meets the Brighton Speedway Enduro Rules & Regulations found at http://www.brightonspeedway.com/Uploads/endurancerules.pdf

Registration Fee ~– $40.00, Five Days Before Race Event & Day Of – $60.00

Purse ~ 1st – $500.00, 2nd – 300.00, 3rd – $125.00, 4th – $75.00, 5th – $50.00


Trailer Race ~ Open to any driver and any Enduro Car, Mini Van, Small SUV, Jeep or Small Pick Up and is a 15 lap race. In order to be declared the winner your trailer must still be attached to your car on the 15th lap when you cross the line. If you lose your trailer prior to the end of the race you are allowed to continue racing and try to remove your competitors trailer.

Rules for the Trailer are as follows:

 No pintle type hitches or no homemade style hitches, must be a standard ball and coupler type hitch.

 Ball may be attached to the trailer in any manor however cannot stick out past the rear bumper more than a standard ball would

  • No semi-trailers, or semi-trailer axles or tires
  • If your trailer includes a boat or anything of that nature fuel and fluids must be drained from the boat
  • We encourage boats, furniture or any other original trailer ideas

Registration Fee ~– $10.00, Five Days Before Race Event & Day Of – $20.00

Purse ~ 1st – $100.00, 2nd – 50.00, 3rd – $25.00

PLUS a bonus for the most original Trailer.


Flag Pole Race ~ Open to any driver and any Enduro Car or Mini Van and is a 10 lap race. There will be a flag pole set up on the front straight and all cars must circle the flag pole each and every lap. If a competitor misses circling the flag pole on any lap he or she will not be scored that lap.

Registration Fee ~– $10.00, Five Days Before Race Event & Day Of – $20.00

Purse ~ 1st – $100.00, 2nd – 50.00, 3rd – $25.00

The Guantlet! 6 Laps of Mayhem! ~ The Gauntlet Race is a race where the “Good Guys” in the Gauntlet Vehicle which in our case is a Hearse with a driver and two to three passengers try and complete 6 laps around the track. Sounds Easy right? Except for the fact that there will be a team of “Bad Guys” all in their own Crash Cars (Maximum of 5) trying to stop the Gauntlet Vehicle. The 8 Crash Cars will have to work together to try and stop the very crafty Gauntlet driver and his team who may have a few tricks of their own up their sleeves. Crash Cars may consist of any Enduro Car, Mini Van, Small SUV, Jeep or Small Pick Up

Registration Fee ~ there is no Registration Fee, this is a first come first serve basis.


The Long Jump Contest! ~ The Long Jump Contest is as simple it sounds. There will be a dirt jump built in the infield. Contestants will have a standing start one at a time to try and get their best jump! Each contestant will get two attempts with their longest jump counting. The jump will be reasonable and similar to the one many of you saw us use for the Dukes of Hazard Jump in 2009.

Registration Fee ~ $20.00

Purse ~ 1st – $100.00 To the Winner


The Brighton Recycling Demo Derby ~ This Demo Derby is open to 4 and 6 cyl cars with a maximum wheel base of 107”. Complete car rules can be found on Brighton Speedway’s web site at BRIGHTON RECYCLING DEMO DERBY

Registration Fee ~ There is no registration fee for this event, Registration has been covered by Brighton Recycling.

Purse ~ 1st – $300.00, 2nd – 125.00, 3rd – $75.00

Remember in ALL events that deliberate intent to personally injure someone or deliberate hitting in the driver’s door is strictly prohibited.

Please note that it is the driver that is registered and not the car, one driver can bring as many cars to the speedway as he or she feels like, or one vehicle can be shared between multiple drivers in the different events. However each driver is limited to one vehicle per event. We will give 10 – 15 minutes between events to allow for repairs to your vehicle if possible for the next event.

If you have any questions about any of the events please contact the speedway office at info@brightonspeedway.com or 1-866-681-1102.


1st 22C Cameron Pederson 100
2nd 17J Jeff Humphry 100
3rd 9 Dave Small 100
4th 55T Tristan LeClair 100
5th 0 Tyler French 99
6th 48X Derel Greig 97
7th 29 Stuart Archer 96
8th 42JR Aidan Fletcher  95
9th 29K Kenny Ohno Jr 95
10th 29SR Kenny Ohno Sr 95
11th 1419 Gregory Courtney 95
12th 5X Chantel Golden 95
13th 50 Willy Bulten 94
14th 626 Terry Boutillier 89
15th 94 Shawn Sousa 89
16th 288 Dale Stewart 88
17th 747 Patricia Maat 87
18th 69 Tucker Benjamin 87
19th 95C Clayton Ferriman 86
20th 01 Brandon Gregory 84
21st 787 Jerome Rombouts 84
22nd 14M Matthew Moore 82
23rd 2311 Robert Collins 82
24th 80 Nick Morton 82
25th 27 Jack Hannah 81
26th 99 Arthur McCauley 78
1st 1* Stacey Scott
2nd 44 Rai Ann Beaudrie
3rd 66 Louise Brown
4th 14C Chelsea Marsolais
5th 5X Chantel Golden
6th 14 Jaden Freeman
7th 74 Hayley Vanderzanden
8th 13 Katilyn Desjardins
9th 23K Amanda O’Blenis
10th 757 Patricia Maat
11th 140
12th 4 Kristen Gurdon
13th 9X
14th 95X Sandy Leduc
15th 2311 Lynette Underwood
16th 98 Jenn Ellis
17th 18R Laura Albin
18th 8W Delaine Solinsky
19th 517 Brittany VanHaarlem
20th 1 Lisa Quesnel
1st 18R Dylan Arnold
2nd 95 Shawn Gibson
3rd 16 Alex Quenneville
4th 31 Sebastian Rightmeyer
5th 23K Kaitlyn O’Blenis
6th 95X Fred Leduc
7th 14X Ethan Dorie
8th 52 Jacob Hilton
9th 25 Nick Sullivan
10th 74 Rush Waite
11th 707 Brock Sallans
1st 50 Willy Bulten
2nd 29 Rich Legacy
3rd 48X Carman Howard
4th 29X Kenny Ohno
5th 1* Brandon Gregory
6th 747 Jan Maat
7th 51 Mike Freeman
8th 19 Del MacGregory
1st 1* Brandon Gregory
2nd 27 Jack Hannah
3rd 5X Rick Phillips
4th 888 1/2 Mike Tompkins
5th 29 Rich Saunders
6th 99 Shane McQuigge
7th 18 Jacob Bogle
8th 1419 Gregory Courtney
9th 91 Steve McNevin
10th 48X Derek Greig
1st 0* Jeff Humphry 61 feet
2nd 74 Hayley Vanderzaden 52 feet
3rd 22C 49 feet