Dylan Westbrook Sweeps Labour Day Classic Weekend At Brighton

Dylan Westbrook swept the Labour Day Classic Weekend with a pair of wins at Brighton Speedway with the Southern Ontario Sprints. (Rod Henderson photo).

Belyea, Gregory, Mutton and Wilson Score Victories

By Clayton Johns

BRIGHTON, Ont. – September 4, 2016 – The Ultramar Labour Day Classic Weekend presented by Lucas Oil, Rock 107 and Mystical Distributing continued on Sunday night with a full card of racing featuring the Southern Ontario Sprints. A full pit area held 59 cars in four divisions for the night’s action.

Dylan Westbrook Completes Weekend Sweep

Rookie 360 Sprint Car driver Dylan Westbrook (No.47x Bradshaw Fuels) completed the sweep of the Labour Day Classic Weekend with his sixth Southern Ontario Sprints win of the season.

Chris Jones (No.11J Jones Automotive) and Shawn Sliter (No.22 Gilletta Flooring Services) started on the front row for the 25-lap main event. Jones jumped out to the early lead on a very slick racetrack. Sliter held on to second, but was quickly under pressure from the third-starting Westbrook.

Westbrook took second from Sliter on lap three and began to chase Jones for the lead. Jones appeared to have the bottom lane figured out while Westbrook pounded the top to find some moisture. He seemed resigned to following Jones for the first half of the race until Jones’ night came to an abrupt end.

On lap eight, Jones appeared to catch a tractor tire in turn four and caused him to spin to the infield for the race’s first caution. Jones elected not to take his car to the work area and Westbrook assumed the lead. Westbrook opened up a sizable 1.3-second lead over Sliter at the halfway mark, but it was erased by a caution on lap 14 when Clyde, OH native Mike Burkin (No.48 Visionquest) tipped on his side.

Burkin was able to continue as Westbrook dominated the remained 11 laps to secure the victory over Sliter. Kyle Fraser (No.01 Oakridge Construction) concluded his weekend with a strong third-place run over April Wilson (No.15aw FK Rod Ends) and Paul Pekkonen (No.98 All Out Performance).

Greg Belyea Returns To Victory Lane For First Time In Two Years

Greg Belyea won his first Pro Late Model race at Brighton Speedway since 2014. (Rod Henderson photo).

Greg Belyea won his first Pro Late Model race at Brighton Speedway since 2014. (Rod Henderson photo).

Greg Belyea (No.25 Excel Tower Service) made his first stop in victory lane at Brighton Speedway since July 7, 2013 with the Vanderlaan Building Products Pro Late Models. Belyea started third behind polesitter Eli Mayhew (No.01 Paul’s Mechanical) and Adam Nayler (No.42 Nayler Plumbing).

Nayler jumped to the early lead with Mayhew and Belyea in tow. Kyle Sopaz (No.12 KD Transmissions) was in the mix as well momentarily taking third from Belyea. On lap five, Belyea took second from Mayhew and set out to track down Nayler.

Married to the outside lane, Belyea caught Nayler and the two race door-to-door from lap 14 until the only caution of the race on lap 17 after Mayhew spun in turn one. Following the restart, Belyea continued to challenge Nayler and eventually took the lead on lap 20 on the outside.

With five to go, Phil Potts (No.29 Vanderlaan) was third and was tapping Nayler’s back bumper in bid for second. Sopaz took third from Potts with two laps to go while Belyea sailed to victory lane and Nayler settled for second. Belyea becomes the seventh different Pro Late Model winner this season.

Gregory Tops Canadian Modifieds For Second Win

Shawn Gregory won his second Canadian Modified feature. (Rod Henderson photo).

Shawn Gregory won his second Canadian Modified feature. (Rod Henderson photo).

Shawn Gregory’s (No.1 Partsource Belleville) front row starting position proved to be the difference in the topless feature for the Bainer’s OilGARD Canadian Modifieds. Gregory and second-starting Josh Hennessy (No.88 A&A Haulage) quickly broke away from the field on the opening couple of laps.

The race was slowed for its only caution on lap four after Derrick Greig (No.48 Greig Truck & Trailer) spun on the backstretch after officials ruled Doug O’Blenis (No.32 John’s Car Care) made contact to initiate the spin. On the restart, Gregory was flawless on the bottom.

Saturday night winner Curtis King (No.07 Flowmetrix) drove to the outside in the latter half of the race and took third from Kraig Handley (No.91 Tri-Canadian Energy). King challenged both Hennessy and Gregory for positions at the time, but lost the momentum over the final two laps and settled for third. Hennessy challenged Gregory multiple times off turn four, but couldn’t get enough grip to steal the lead. A very smooth Gregory drove to his second win of the season and second in three weeks.

Jonah Mutton Wins Pro Stock Thriller

Jonah Mutton won his second Pro Stock feature of the season. (Rod Henderson photo).

Jonah Mutton won his second Pro Stock feature of the season. (Rod Henderson photo).

The Brighton Automotive Pro Stock race was a thriller with several drivers contending for the win over the course of 20 laps. Carissa Burrows (No.02 Wet Tek) and Art Rodgers (No.38 Wilson Engines) lined up on the front row.

Burrows led the opening lap over Rodgers and Samantha Mayhew (No.33 Mayhew Graphics), but 10th-starting Jonah Mutton (No.39 Noco Fuels) was quickly on the move. Mutton took the lead from Burrows on lap five and drove to a convincing half straightaway lead.

On lap 10, Doug Anderson (No.72 Hunt’s Landscape Service) and Brandon Murrell (No.19 Hannah Motors) claimed the second and third positions. With five laps to go, point leader Justin Ramsay (No.03 Empey Tire) was up to third behind Mutton and Anderson.

Mutton’s lead was erased on lap 16 when Angie Kirby (No.23 Kafka Kort Barristers) spun in turn two. An initial restart saw Anderson get the better of Mutton, but it was called back with debris sitting on the frontstetch. Mutton got a much better jump the second time. Ramsay took second from Anderson and tapped Mutton’s back bumper repeatedly over the final two laps, but Mutton held on to the handle for his second victory of the season. Ramsay, Anderson, Murrell and Austin Reid (No.85 Excel Tower Service) rounded out the top-five.

April Wilson won the Simon Petit Memorial Wingless Dash. (Rod Henderson photo).

April Wilson won the Simon Petit Memorial Wingless Dash. (Rod Henderson photo).

April Wilson Wins Simon Petit Memorial Wingless Dash

The weekend concluded with the Simon Petit Memorial Wingless Dash for the Southern Ontario Sprints. Drivers had the opportunity to take the wing off their cars following the scheduled points race. Nine drivers took the challenge and polesitter April Wilson led all 15 laps to secure the victory. She worked the bottom lane without any struggles and held off Ohioan Mike Burkin and Dylan Westbrook.

Rachel Scott (left) and Gerald Whaley (right) won the Kids Klub bike giveaway. (Rod Henderson photo).

Rachel Scott (left) and Gerald Whaley (right) won the Kids Klub bike giveaway. (Rod Henderson photo).

Kids Klub Bike Giveaway

The Brighton Speedway Kids Klub concluded its season of events with a bike draw for two lucky members. Gerald Whaley and Rachel Scott each won a brand new bike. The Klub was a resounding success in its first year and was supported generously by Kids R Kool and Dibbits Excavating. Brighton Speedway would like to thank Amanda O’Blenis and Bailey Graham for their dedication to organizing the Kids Klub for the 2016 racing season.

Up Next – Danny Reid Memorial

Brighton Speedway returns to action on Saturday, September 10 for the 50-lap, $2000-to-win Bainer’s OilGARD Canadian Modified Danny Reid Memorial presented by John’s Equipment. Double points are on the line for the Canadian Modifieds in their biggest and final points race of the season. Championships will also be decided in the Vanderlaan Building Products Pro Late Model, Bill’s Johns Comp 4 and Quinte Septic Stinger divisions. Race time is 7:00pm. Adult admission is $15. Additional details are available at www.brightonspeedway.ca.



A-Main (25 Laps – 12 Entries): 1. 47x Dylan Westbrook, 2. 22 Shawn Sliter, 3. 01 Kyle Fraser, 4. 15aw April Wilson, 5. 98 Paul Pekkonen, 6. 25 Warren Mahoney, 7. 7 Brad Lodge, 8. 48 Mike Burkin, 9. 42w Rick Wilson, 10. 66 Frank Baranowski, 11. 15 Mike Ferrell, 12. 11J Chris Jones. No Time. Margin of Victory: 2.074 seconds.

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 22 Shawn Sliter, 2. 01 Kyle Fraser, 3. 98 Paul Pekkonen, 4. 15 Mike Ferrell, 5. 25 Warren Mahoney, 6. 66 Frank Baranowski. Time: 1:43.050.

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 47x Dylan Westbrook, 2. 15aw April Wilson, 3. 11J Chris Jones, 4. 42w Rick Wilson, 5. 48 Mike Burkin, 6. 7 Brad Lodge. Time: 1:45.281.

Simon Petit Memorial Wingless Dash (15 Laps – 9 Entries): 1. 15aw April Wilson, 2. 48 Mike Burkin, 3. 47x Dylan Westbrook, 4. 11J Chris Jones, 5. 98 Paul Pekkonen, 6. 25 Warren Mahoney, 7. 25d Dick Mahoney, 8. 15 Mike Ferrell, 9. 66 Frank Baranowski. Time: 4:11.644.


A-Main (30 Laps – 15 Entries): 1. 25 Greg Belyea, 2. 42 Adam Nayler, 3. 12 Kyle Sopaz, 4. 29 Phil Potts, 5. 92 Adam Turner, 6. 46 Brandon Mowat, 7. 5 Steve Baldwin, 8. 1 Andy Mayhew, 9. 57 Charlie Sandercock, 10. 84 Tyler Rand, 11. 09 Robbie Wilson, 12. 77 Caley Weese, 13. 85 Austin Reid, 14. 01 Eli Mayhew, 15. 8 Brian Down. No Time. Margin of victory: 0.423 seconds.

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 25 Greg Belyea, 2. 1 Andy Mayhew, 3. 12 Kyle Sopaz, 4. 57 Charlie Sandercock, 5. 84 Tyler Rand, 6. 92 Adam Turner, 7. 09 Robbie Wilson, 8. 85 Austin Reid. Time: 2:04.263.

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 29 Phil Potts, 2. 5 Steve Baldwin, 3. 46 Brandon Mowat, 4. 42 Adam Nayler, 5. 01 Eli Mayhew, 6. 8 Brian Down, 7. 77 Caley Weese. No Time.

A-Main (25 Laps – 14 Entries): 1. 1 Shawn Gregory, 2. 88 Josh Hennessy, 3. 07 Curtis King, 4. 91 Kraig Handley, 5. 48 Derrick Greig, 6. 12 Adam Whaley, 7. 11 Tyler Rand, 8. 32 Doug O’Blenis, 9. 2 Leslie Mowat, 10. 84 Mark Busscher, 11. 87 Andrew Hennessy, 12. 78 Shelby Mills. No Time. Margin of victory: 0.181 seconds.

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 1 Shawn Gregory, 2. 12 Adam Whaley, 3. 87 Andrew Hennessy, 4. 91 Kraig Handley, 5. 88 Josh Hennessy, 6. 78 Shelby Mills. Time: 2:11.619.

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 32 Doug O’Blenis, 2. 07 Curtis King, 3. 48 Derrick Greig, 4. 11 Tyler Rand, 5. 2 Leslie Mowat, 6. 84 Mark Busscher. Time: 2:08.569.


A-Main (20 Laps – 18 Entries): 1. 39 Jonah Mutton, 2. 03 Justin Ramsay, 3. 72 Doug Anderson, 4. 19 Brandon Murrell, 5. 85 Austin Reid, 6. 51 Mike Freeman, 7. 88 Josh Hennessy, 8. 7 Rob Dier, 9. 33 Samantha Mayhew, 10. 02 Carissa Burrows, 11. 28 Dan Insley, 12. 29 Rick Sanders, 13. 2 Warren Mowat, 14. 13 Ryan Connor, 15. 38 Art Rodgers, 16. 23 Angie Kirby, 17. 46 Adam Switzer, 18. 31 Andy Ford. No Time.

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 88 Adam Turner, 2. 85 Austin Reid, 3. 19 Brandon Murrell, 4. 29 Rich Sanders, 5. 02 Carissa Burrows, 6. 46 Adam Switzer. No Time.

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 51 Mike Freeman, 2. 72 Doug Anderson, 3. 28 Dan Insley, 4. 38 Art Rodgers, 5. 33 Samantha Mayhew, 6. 23 Angie Kirby. No Time.

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 03 Justin Ramsay, 2. 39 Jonah Mutton, 3. 13 Ryan Connor, 4. 2 Warren Mowat, 5. 31 Andy Ford, 6. 7 Rob Dier. No Time.


Vanderlaan Building Products Pro Late Models: 4 – Phil Potts (April 30, July 2, July 16, July 30); 3 – Steve Baldwin (May 21, June 11, July 23); 2 – Adam Turner (May 14, June 18); 2 – Charlie Sandercock (May 28, July 9); 1 – Tyler Rand (June 4); 1 – Brandon Mowat (August 27); 1 – Greg Belyea (September 4)

Bainer’s OilGARD Canadian Modifieds: 6 – Andrew Hennessy (May 28, June 4, June 18, July 2, July 23, July 30); 4 – Dan Ferguson (April 30, June 25, July 16, August 27); 2 – Josh Hennessy (July 9, August 6); 2 – Curtis King (June 11, September 3); 2 – Shawn Gregory (August 20, September 4); 1 – Doug O’Blenis (May 14);

Brighton Automotive Pro Stocks: 7 – Justin Ramsay (April 30, June 4, June 18, June 25, July 2, July 30, August 20, September 3); 2 – Wade Purchase (May 14, July 16); 2 – Doug Anderson (May 21, June 11); 2 – Brandon Murrell (May 28, July 23); 2 – Jonah Mutton (July 9, September 4); 1 – Austin Reid (August 6); 1 – Mike Freeman (August 27)

Bill’s Johns Comp 4s: 6 – Tyler French (April 30, May 14, May 28, June 4, July 30, September 3); 3 – Luke Toms (July 16, July 23, August 27); 2 – Josh Read (June 11, July 2); 2 – Josh French (June 18, June 25); 2 – Adam Flieler (May 21, August 6); 1 – Jeff Humphrey (August 20)

Quinte Septic Super Stingers: 2 – Chris Lammle (May 28, June 11); 2 – Del MacGregor (July 9, August 6); 2 – Arthur McCauley (June 25, August 20); 2 – Mark MacDonald (July 23, September 3);1 – Rick Phillips (May 14);

Quinte Septic Junior Stingers: 3 – Willy Bulten (June 11, July 23, September 3); 2 – Brittany Golden (May 28, August 6); 2 – Dylan Lobb (July 9, August 20); 1 – Chantel Golden (May 14); 1 – James Turgeon (June 25);

Southern Ontario Sprints: 4 – Dylan Westbrook (July 9, August 6, September 3, September 4); 2 – Mitch Brown (May 21, June 18);

Go Nuclear Late Model Series: 1 – Charlie Sandercock (June 25)

Eastern Ontario Vintage Stock Car Club: 1 – Shawn Gregory (July 16)

About Ultramar CST: Ultramar CST is headquartered in Montreal and includes the cardlock, home heating and motorist sales sectors in Canada. Ultramar operates close to 800 stations and 84 cardlocks (Pipeline Commercial), in addition to delivering home heating oil to over 140,000 customers. Ultramar CST Canada co. is a major player in the economy of Eastern Canada. For more information, visi: www.ultramarcst.ca.  

About Lucas Oil: Lucas Oil has been involved in the Canadian motorsports industry since 1999 and is a proud sponsor of many racers and racing events across the country. Lucas Oil is a top selling additive line in the American truck stop industry, producing the best line of lubricants and additives available anywhere. As sales in Canada increase, so does Lucas Oil’s commitment to motorsport sponsorship and community events. Lucas Oil remains committed to producing only the highest quality premium automotive, heavy duty, industrial and specialty oil products. For more information, visit them online at www.lucasoil.ca.

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