Flieler Flies to Victory Lane, Gregory takes his first Checkered Flag

Hannah McCrory

June 19th, 2022


BRIGHTON, ON- A capacity crowd at Brighton Speedway witnessed an exciting action-packed night of 18 school buses battle it out in the Workman’s OK Tire School Bus Races presented by Lange and Fetter Motors. A total of 78 race cars were also in attendance to put on a full night of racing action for fans.


Flieler Flies to Victory Lane

Frank Flieler drove his No. 75 bus to victory lane in the 15-lap feature for the Workman’s OK Tire School Bus Races. The large field of school buses took to their formation and presented a four-wide salute to the fans. Del MacGregor (No. 5) and Jan Steenstra (No. 29) led the field to the green. The red flag was quickly bought out on lap 3 for the No. 88 of Bryan McColl after flipping his race bus on the front stretch, McColl walked away uninjured. The ever so favourite school buses were green flag racing from there bringing fans 3 to 4 wide bus racing action. The No. 75 of Frank Flieler worked his way through the heavy field from the thirteenth starting position. Jim Bryant No. 11 in second, Bernie Rhebergen No. 77, Jack Juby No. 81 and Shawn Sousa No. 94 rounding off the top five.

Heat Winners: Jim Bryant (No. 11), Kyle Rhebergen (No. 98) and Bryan McColl (No. 88)


Sandercock Scores Second Win

A dry-slick racetrack worked in favour for the No. 57 of Charlie Sandercock, Sandercock started on the pole beside the No. 33 of David Vandertoorn of the 30 lap Vanderlaan Building Products Ltd. Late Model Feature and took off like a rocket. This feature event was sure a fast one, the eleven-car field went from green to checkers, Sandercock completed the 30-lap event in a total of 08 minutes and 26.703 seconds. As the laps were closing in Sandercock no longer was able to take advantage of the clean air he had been utilizing and Andrew Hennessy (No. 87) started closing in the gap. Sandercock was successful in clinching the checkers for the second time this season, with Hennessy falling in the runner up position. Steve Baldwin (No. 5) third, Kyle Sopaz (No. 11) fourth and Adam Turner (No.92) in fifth place.

Heat Winners: Brandon Mowat (No. 46) and Adam Turner (No. 92)


Purchase Parks it for the Fourth Time

Wade Purchase (No. 53) drove from the seventh starting position to park it in APC Victory Lane for the fourth time this season in the Bainer’s OilGARD Anti-Rust Canadian Modified division. Ron Wadforth (No. 40) and Derrick Greig (No. 48) brought the field to green for the 25-lap affair. The No. 52 of Doug Galt with substitute driver Kraig Handley behind the wheel battled with Wadforth for the lead and was successful in obtaining the number one spot. With a three-car battle for the lead Handley, Purchase and Shawn Gregory (No. 1), the field was approaching on lap traffic Purchase saw the open line on the outside and made the pass from second to the lead. The field was then slowed for a caution on lap 20 for Wadforth (No. 40) who was stopped in Turn 1. Purchase chose the outside line on restart and charged for the checkers; Nate Rinaldi sailed his No. 3 machine on the outside behind Purchase having his best feature finish to date in the runner up position. Unfortunately, Rinaldi was a little light crossing the scales. Handley crossed the line in third, Gregory in fourth and Curtis King (No. 07) in fifth. See results below for official feature finish.

Heat Winners: Wade Purchase (No. 53) and Curtis King (No. 07)


Gregory Gets First Career Win

The No. 1 of Brock Gregory was able to hold on for a very long and caution filled 20 lap Brighton Automotive Thunder Stock Feature, scoring his first career win. The field was brought to green by Kyle Gregory (No. 01) and Tyler French (No. 0). The Gregory brothers (No. 01 and No. 1) restarted the field for lap 1 with multiple attempts after cautions brought the 25-car field to a slow. The Gregory brothers dueled it out for the first-place position and Brock’s experience over Kyles in the division worked in his favour as he clenched the lead early on. On lap 6 the fourth caution was drawn, and the field was to restart in single file format from there on out. After another yellow was thrown for the No. 76 of Cody Driscoll substitute driver Robbie Wilson was hung up on an implement tire in Turn 2, the Race Director made the call to implement the following rule for laps 12-15:

“3.9 Any feature event taking more than 25 minutes in duration from the drop of the initial green flag, officials will start to count yellow flag laps. If a yellow extends into the white flag lap the race there will be one (1) attempt at a green white checker. If this attempt is unsuccessful the race director will drop the checker under yellow and deem the race official. It will be the race director’s discretion whether the time limit will be increased for extra distance races” (Brighton Speedway Rule Book, 2022)

The final caution of the evening was brought out on lap 19 for the z28 of Cole McKeown, the Thunder Stocks were able to successfully complete their one attempt at the finish. Gregory was able to hold on through the chaos of the night and hold off division veteran Doug Anderson (No. 72) for the win. French (No.0), Jeff Humphry (No. 17) and Austin Reid (No. 85) rounds off the top five.

Heat Winners: Justin Ramsay (No. 03), Steve Peake (No. 4) and Tyler French (No. 0).


Bailey Brings the Heat

Tommy Bailey (No. 44) earned his third win in the Bill’s Johns Comp 4 division. Bailey started on the pole of the 15- lap event, once the green flag was dropped Bailey checked out and was on a mission for the win. The action took place behind the leader with a battle between the top five, the No. 20 of Cody Sager and No. 43 of Devon Kippen piloted by Adam Flieler (substitute driver) went door to door for the second-place position. Last week’s feature winner Josh Bogaard (No. 15) and the 42jr of Aidan Fletcher fought it out for third. Flieler (No. 43) was able to get around Sager (No. 20) for second, Sager falling third. With Fletcher (No. 42jr) and Bogaard (No. 15) completing the top five.

Heat Winners: Tommy Bailey (No. 44) and Josh Bogaard (No. 15)


Rhodes Rides it to Victory Lane Three-Times in a Row

Carter Rhodes No. 18 started the Bill’s Johns Mini Stock 15 lap feature event from the eighth-starting position. Chris Lammle (No. 95) and Austin South (No. 72) set the field of 12 to the green. The caution was quickly drawn for the points leader Caleb Severin (No. 12) who suffered suspension damage to the right rear. The No. 25 of Lawrence Evenden had his run at the race lead early on, another caution slowed the field and Rhodes was determined to make it three in a row. Young rookie racer Tyson Gregory (No. 22) had another impressive show of battling up front with Evenden (No. 25) for the second-place position. Mike Whyte (No. 11w) worked his way through traffic from the seventh starting position and finished respectively in second behind Rhodes (No. 18). Evenden (No. 25), Gregory (No. 22) and South (No. 72) finish out the top five.

Heat Winners: Chris Tufford (No. 4) and Carter Rhodes (No. 18)


Photos by Rod Henderson, CanadianRacer.com

  1. The No. 1 of Brock Gregory was able to hold on for a very long and caution filled 20 lap Brighton Automotive Thunder Stock Feature, scoring his first career win on Saturday Night at Brighton Speedway.




  1. Frank Flieler drove his No. 75 bus to victory lane in the 15-lap feature for the Workman’s OK Tire School Bus Races at Brighton Speedway Saturday night.





June 18th, 2022 Feature Results:

Workman’s OK Tire School Bus Feature (15 Laps)-

  1. 75 Frank Flieler, 2. 11 Jim Bryant, 3. 77 Bernie Rhebergen, 4. 81 Jack Juby, 5. 94 Shawn Sousa, 6. 53 Mike Workman, 7. 31 Jason TerHaar, 8. 29 Jan Steenstra, 9. 9 Derrick Vreugdenhil, 10. 45 James Seymour, 11. 5 Del MacGregor, 12. 3 Deano LeClair, 13. 98 Kyle Rhebergen, 14. 555. Tristan LeClair, 15. Cody Juby, 16. 88 Bryan McColl, 17. 19 Paul Quick.


Vanderlaan Building Products Ltd. Late Model Feature (30 Laps)

  1. 57 Charlie Sandercock, 2. 87 Andrew Hennessy, 3. 5 Steve Baldwin, 4. 11 Kyle Sopaz, 5. 92 Adam Turner, 6. 89 Austin King, 7. 46 Brandon Mowat, 8. 55 Brad Rayner, 9. 33 David Vandertoorn, 10. 77 Caley Weese (James Seymour), 11. 21 Rich Sanders.


Bainer’s OilGARD Anti-Rust Canadian Modified Feature (25 Laps)

  1. 53 Wade Purchase, 2. 52 Doug Galt (Kraig Handley), 3. 1 Shawn Gregory, 4. 07 Curtis King, 5. 32 Doug O’Blenis, 6. 5 Wally Alderdice, 7. 56 Pat McEvoy, 8. 2 Leslie Mowat, 9. 41 Corey Halbert, 10. 50 Dylan Boyle, 11. 51 Mike Freeman, 12. 40 Ron Wadforth, 13. 48 Derrick Kraig, 14. 14m Matthew Moore, DQ. 3 Nathan Rinaldi.



Brighton Automotive Thunder Stock Feature (20 Laps)

  1. 1 Brock Gregory, 2. 72 Doug Anderson, 3. 0 Tyler French, 4. 17 Jeff Humphry, 5. 85 Austin Reid, 6. 19 Cory White, 7. 25 Ken Sargent, 8. 14 Chris Dorland, 9. 41 Ryan Lambert, 10. 87 James Turgeon, 11. 83 Andrew Massey, 12. 9 Josh Black, 13. 7 Ricky Phillips, 14. 4 Steve Peake, 15. 77 Adrian Hancock, 16. 16 Kaitlyn O’Blenis, 17. 08 Angie Kirby, 18. 11 Chris Massey, 19. 23 Doug May, 20. 76 Cody Driscoll (Robbie Wilson), 21. Z28 Cole McKeown, 22. 01 Kyle Gregory, 23. 74 Mike Lucas, 24. 27 Torri Pope, 25. 03 Justin Ramsay.


Bill’s Johns Comp 4 Feature (15 Laps)-

  1. 44 Tommy Bailey, 2. 43 Devon Kippen (Adam Flieler), 3. 20 Cody Sager, 4. 42jr Aidan Fletcher, 5. 15 Josh Bogaard, 6. 33 Adam Milton, 7. 19 Shannon White (Travis McLean), 8. 16 Dawson Evans, 9. 85 Brittany Golden.


Bill’s Johns Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps)-

  1. 18 Carter Rhodes, 2. 11w Mike Whyte, 3. 25 Lawrence Evenden, 4. 22 Tyson Gregory, 5. 72 Austin South, 6. 4 Chris Tufford, 7. 24 Travis Connor, 8. 95 Chris Lammle, 9. 71 Alesha Gerrard, 10. 7 Anthony Rinaldi (Braden Delpellaro), 11. 87 Steven Hennige, 12. 12 Caleb Severin.