Duel on the Dirt is excited to announce Insta-Panels as primary sponsor for 2018. The Scotland, Ontario based company will present both the Street Stock and Mini Stock championship chases for the upcoming season.  Visit the Duel on the Dirt website by clicking HERE to register your participation.  The Duel on the Dirt Website features the complete schedule of events for each series and will keep track of points and news releases as the season progresses.

INSTA-PANELSTM are insulated R11 foam panels made of rigid polyurethane foam, covered in steel or fiberglass on both sides. Because of their durability, high ‘R’ value and ease of installation they are ideal for residential, commercial and agricultural applications where insulation is required or desired in radiant or traditional concrete floors. INSTAPANELS ™ can be used in a variety of applications including: under concrete floors of houses; garages; commercial workshops; warehouses; office buildings; cold storage and freezers; agricultural drive sheds; poultry barns; and other specialized applications.


• HIGH R-VALUE FOR MINIMAL THICKNESS – Rated at R11, INSTA-PANELS® offer among the best R-value-to-cost ratio creating optimum energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and affordability
• EASY AND EFFICIENT TO INSTALL – INSTA-PANELS® offer the same benefits as polyurethane spray foam, in a convenient, portable panel format that fits together quickly and easily
• DURABLE – Rectangular panels are steel or fiberglass plated on both sides for ultimate strength and durability. Unlike traditional foam insulation, INSTA-PANELS® will not break when walked on
• BEST VALUE ON THE MARKET – In a recent CMHC research study, INSTA-PANELS® were found to have the best cost-benefit value of all comparable materials tested
• ECO-FRIENDLY – INSTA-PANELS® are made from recycled and reclaimed products
• INSTA-PANELS® are Moisture resistant

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