Jamie Collard Returns to SOS Victory Lane at Brighton Speedway

Jamie Collard Returns to SOS Victory Lane at Brighton Speedway

For Immediate Release
By Angie Rinaldi

It was a beautiful sunny day at Brighton Speedway as Vanderlaan Building Supplies presented round two of the Southern Ontario Sprint Cars along with Late Models, Canadian Modifieds, Comp 4 and Stingers.  22 Sprint Cars filled the pits and a large crowd filled the stands in anticipation of a great night of racing ahead.  Early in the night before the race began the 2012 Wall of Fame inductions took place.  This year’s inductees were long time racers #K1 Karl Kleinsteuber and #33 George Pettingill.  Also inducted was long time track supporter and crew member for a number of drivers over the past 40 years Brian Weese.

After some great heat racing in all classes by 8:30 it was time to start the main events and the first feature up would be the Quinte Septic Stingers.  #06 Steve wells would lead from start to finish but not without challenge, #19 Del MacGregor would hound Wells for the top spot for the whole race and would get close but would not be able to seal the deal.  Wells would go on to his first victory of 2012 in the stingers.

The Vanderlaan Building Supplies Late Models would be up next for their 30 lap main event.  The #77 Caley Weese and # 75 Beau Brown would start on the poll and the two would battle it out side by side for the first few laps when #42 Adam Nayler would work his way under Brown and work on Weese for the lead.   By lap 5 Nayler would get under Weese as she bobbled on the high side and take the lead, #57 Charlie Sandercock would also take advantage of Weese’s mistake and move into second.  The caution would fly on lap 12 for #20 Terry Hunt as he spun in turn two.  This would set up Nayler and Sandercock side by side on the restart.  Nayler would get the jump on the low side and maintain a narrow lead over Sandercock who was rim riding around the top side of the track until lap 17 when #29 of Phil Potts would hit the front straight wall coming out of turn 4 ending the night for his Fowl Mood Race team.  On the restart it would again me Nayler and Sandercock but now #11 “Mr. Consistency” Corey Earl had jumped up into third to get in the mix.  On the restart the three would maintain the same with Nayler and Earl working the bottom while Sandercock was up high.  Just as Sandercock was able to make his way around Nayler the caution would come out yet again.  This time for a spin between Weese and the #97 Zeke McKeown hand Nayler the lead back.   The next restart all three would get a good jump and go three wide in turn one as Earl and Sandercock would split Nayler coming out of turn two.  Sandercock would now lead on the high side but not for long as Earl was hooked up on the low side and would take over the lead.  Earl would hold on from there and take his second win of the season.  Earl has not finished outside the top five all season long.  Sandercock would come home in the runner up and Brown would recover for a strong third place finish.

Bill’s Johns Comp 4 feature would be the third feature to hit the track as 24 cars lined up for the drop of the green flag.   #46 Warren Mowat would take the initial lead but a rash of early cautions would move the #43 of Tom Vance and #44 of Brandon Wilkie into second and third behind Mowat.   #44 Wilke would take the lead and would not look back from there going on to his first ever win followed by Vance and Mowat.

The Sanderson Tire and Automotive Repair Southern Ontario Sprints would hit the track with #30 Adam West and #98 Paul Pekkonen starting on the front row.  Pekkonen would jump out to the early lead but it would not be long before second row starter 7x Jamie Collard would work around the top side of West and then take the lead from Pekkonen on lap three.  The top three would stay that way for a number of laps with Collard, Pekkonen and West but it was #0 Glen “the Ohsweken Flyer” Styres that was on the move and working hard on West for third.  Styers would get by West and then Pekkonen to move into second and would start to close in on Collard in lapped traffic.  It was a straight green flag run right from lap 1 and it looked it might go green to checker.  Styres was continuing to close on Collard but knew time was running out and was pushing the high side to the limits when on lap 16 he would jump the cushion and end up spinning off of turn three for the first and only caution of the race.  On the restart with a cushion of three lapped cars between him and second place #71 Travis Cunningham, Collard would break out to a lead and would not look back for his first win of 2012 with the SOS and at Brighton Speedway.  Cunningham would hold on to second but not without a fight as he battled 2011 SOS Champion #51 Lee Ladouceur who came home third.  Sandercock who was doing double duty started the feature 20th because of his rookie status and ended in 8th for his second sprint car race ever.

Dan Ferguson would pick up his third win of the season in the Bainer’s Radiator Canadian Modified class that would earn him Campbellford Chrysler Driver of the week honours.  Dan had a hard fought race coming from his seventh starting spot to take the lead from #91 Craig  Handley with less than ten laps to go and would not look back from there.

On Sunday of this double header weekend the Annual Hotch’s Auto Parts Fathers Day Enduro took place on a beautiful sunny afternoon.  Winners of the Juniors race was #22 Colin Gregory while former Comp 4 Champion Stacey Ferguson Scott picked up the ladies race.  The 100 Lap main event was a closely contested battle with the top four drivers all completing 100 laps.  In the end #24 Dave Small crossed the line just car lengths ahead of #7 Jon Driscoll for the win.  The Flag pole race was won by #01 Kevin Gregory.

Another huge night takes place at Brighton Speedway this Saturday night as Deerhaven Farm and Garden presents Adecco MONSTER TRUCK night featuring Aftershock and Krazy Train.  Also World of Outlaw Late Model Stars Chub Frank “Chubzilla” and 2011 WOO Champion Rick Eckert will be on hand to battle a handful of our own Late Model Stars in the Outlaw Dash!  Main Gates open at 5pm this week and advance tickets are available at the Speedway office.  Aftershock, Krazy Train, Chub Frank and Rick Eckert will all be on hand in the courtyard at 5pm for autographs and to meet and greet the fans.  It will be a full show of racing plus Monster Trucks and the Outlaw Dash where our drivers race the best in the business with 700 – 800 horsepower under their hoods.  Racing actions starts at 7pm, for more details visit www.brightonspeedway.com 



Brighton Speedway Results

Bainer’s Radiator Canadian Modified

Feature:1. Dan Ferguson (Bloomfield, ON), 2. Kraig Handley (Picton, ON), 3. Dale Locke (Stirling, ON), 4. Kevin Scott (Trenton, ON), 5. Shawn Gregory (Trenton, ON),

Bill’s Johns Comp 4

Feature:1. Brandon Wilkie (Trenton, ON), 2. Tom Vance (Stockdale, ON), 3. Warren Mowat (Trenton, ON), 4. Mark Packer (Trenton, ON), 5. Brady Greer (Wellington, ON),

Quinte Septic Stingers

Feature:1. Steve Wells (Picton, ON), 2. Del MacGregor (Brighton, ON), 3. Gary Taylor (Oshawa, ON), 4. Eldon McCracken (Belleville, ON), 5. Lexi Fletcher (Carrying Place, ON),

Vanderlaan Building Supplies Pro Late Models

Feature:1. Corey Earl (Picton, ON), 2. Charlie Sandercock (Belleville, ON), 3. Beau Brown (Brighton, ON), 4. Terry Hunt (Carrying Place, ON), 5. Adam Nayler (Quinte West, ON),

Sanderson Tire and Automotive Southern Ontario Sprints

Feature:1. #7x Jamie Collard 2. #71 Travis Cunningham 3. #51 Lee Ladouceur 4. #30 Adam West 5. 07x Dain Naida

Hotch’s Auto Parts Father’s Day of Destruction

100 Lap Enduro

1. #24 Dave Small 2. #7 Jon Driscoll 3. #171 Dan Ferguson 4. #J51 Justin Gregory 5. #288 Dale Stewart

Juniors 20 Lap Event

  1. 1.       #22C Colin Gregory 2. #95-2 Travis LeClair 3. 53 Alex Baragar 4. 64 Chris Johnson 5. 16 Jesse Wilson

Ladies 20 Lap Event

  1. 1.       #01 Stacey Ferguson Scott 2. #22 Cindy Mosco 3. #511 Wendy Dadson 4. #85 Brittany Golden 5. 95 Sarah Parks

Flag Pole Event

  1. 1.       #01X Kevin Gregory 2. #51 Larry Dadson 3. 01 Shawn Gregory 4. #41 Brad May 5. 95-2 Jason Parks

Photo tags

  1. 1.       The Sanderson’s Tire & Automotive Southern Ontario Sprints returned to Brighton Speedway this past weekend and saw #7X Jamie Collard take his first checkered flag of the season.
    Jamie Collard takes the Checkered
  2. 2.       Brighton Speedway’s own #57 Charlie Sandercock did double duty on Saturday night and came from the back of 22 cars to finish 8th in the Sanderson’s Tire & Automotive Southern Ontario Sprint feature event.
    Sandercock finishes 8th
  3. 3.       Vanderlaan Building Supplies Pro Late Model Feature event on Saturday night at Brighton Speedway saw a fierce battle for the lead between winner #11 Corey Earl and runner up #57 Charlie Sandercock.