HOT HOT HOT was the word of the day as the Brighton Speedway Kart Klub revved up for more Thursday night action on the little clay oval on the beautiful grounds of the Brighton Speedway.  47 racers with pit crews ready for action suited up in facemasks and race suits ready for dirt flying and turning left – FAST!  Hotlaps are completed by each class as well as heat races to set up and qualify karts to the main feature events when all the money is on the line.

First up, the Box Stock 1 Division, a group of 5 or 6 year old first time racers behind the wheel. A good group of 6 karts took the green with the ID Excavating #14 Wesley Hoard and the Worth-Mor Cattle #21 Mason Petherick inside and outside hard on the gas for the initial start.  A hard charging #42 Liam Pakenham coming from the 4th starting position made a battle of it through corner 1 and 2 grabbing the lead down the backstretch, #87 Weston Mitts slid down to the inside and to the 2nd spot.  Only 1 caution flag over the 10 lap event,  #42 Pakenham cruising to a clean victory over Mitts, #09g Grayson McColman, #21 Petherick, and #77 Max VanDyk rounded the top 5.

Rookie 1 Class rounded the 4th corner and hit the loud pedal, the fast #27 of Reilly Day, and #01 Blake Gregory took off with #19 Bentley Davidson throwing out a rope and keeping the pair within striking distance.  It was Reilly Day’s night to shine under the lights he looked in fine form, able to click off laps and never look back, picking up his first win on the season, Davidson and Gregory were bumper to bumper at the end but the Davidson #19 held the spot. 4th and 5th had #0 Kolton French, #16s Sophie Deline with some nice smooth laps in line behind the leaders.

Rolling out under the hot sunset, the Jr. Sportsman 1 Class – #99 Bryce Massey and #09 Charley Smith-Wilson had the point on their 15 lap main event.  A great first few laps saw Bryce Massey fending off multiple attempts by Smith-Wilson and #9 Rhys Massey to challenge for the top spot, but eventually, the Massey #9 was able to clear the pair and set her sights on checkers.  A little misstep by the #99 of Bryce Massey allowed Smith-Wilson just enough room to squeeze up the inside on the catfish lane and take the 2 spot. #9 Ryhs Massey was able to hold on for the remaining laps over #09 Charley Smith-Wilson with a nice clean race, Bryce Massey ended up 3rd on the podium.

An exciting group of Yung Guns in our Box Stock 2 class,  It was #2 KD Transmission sponsored Liam McPeak charging to the early lead challenged heavily by #101 Patterson & Sons Ground Works Jase Patterson and #23 Albert Hodkinson throwing his hat in the ring for a chance at the top spot.  The #2 saw the checkers first as McPeak grabbed the win, Hodkinson came home with a very strong 2nd, #101 Patterson crossed the line 3rd, #10 Cole Cousineau, and #08 Lily Ray rounded out the running order.

The biggest kart count of the night was the Rookie 2 division with 9 roaring methanol breathing monsters ready for action.   #44x Tyler Green and #07 Mason Richter saw the green flag first, as Green charged to the lead and #10r Riley Deline drafted through on the bottom.  Great 2 and 3 wide action throughout the pack kept the fans on the edge of the seats – as the leaderboard changed every lap.  Coming from deep in the running order Brighton’s Audrey Toms put on the climbing gear as she scaled the scoring tower and made it from 7th to the top spot late in the 15 lap event.  Toms didn’t look back and took home the checkered flag.  #20 AJ Peeters charged from 6th to finish up 2nd, #44x Green wound up 3rd, #31 Brody Davidson 4th, and #70 Finley Mahoney ended up 5th.

With the sun setting over the back of the speedway grandstand 6 fast Junior Sportsman 2 drivers lit the fires and rolled down the track – a dicey first lap saw Vanderlaan Building Products #71 Trevyn McCrillis get the jump and clear himself from the action behind, followed through by #9s Cooper McKeown on the bottom as first place starter #57 Jacob Down got the short end of the stick getting bounced around like a ping pong ball and eventually faced the wrong way.  In a green to checkers event McCrillis was flawless as he picked up the win, behind him it was an all out battle for spots on the podium, #57 Down ended up on top of the pile, #9s McKeown 3rd, #8 Raiden Steane 4th and #89 Kolby Ellis in 5th

The Junior Restricted division hit the clay – 7 karts made the call to the line.  #899 Cam Bristow and #93 Grace Hodkinson wheeled their machines at the start line, as #01 Tyson Gregory and #55 Carson Down charged through to make it a 4 kart battle.  Some nice smooth driving as the top 3 pulled away and took turns with their # at the top of the scoring tower with #55, #01 and #899 all in the mix.  Gregory had the kart to beat though as he locked the gas pedal to the floor and cruised to victory lane with his #01, Down brought home 2nd, Bristow 3rd, #28 Ashton Sanderson and #99b Jonelle Burke rounded the top 5.

Last on the night, the Stock Lite class.  A pair of 2nd and 3rd generation drivers on the front row as #48 Ryan Greig got the jump on #11 Cole McKeown out of 4, #74 Lexi Lucas shuffled through on the low line overtaking the 2 spot as McKeown got in the marbles and back to 4th.  The Patriots Excavating #74 was fast as Lucas was able to move by the Grieg #48 to the lead, putting space on the field and started counting down laps.  A fast 20 lap event had Lucas take the win, McKeown climbed the ladder back to the 2 spot, Greig and #14 Holden Paul finished up 3rd and 4th respectively.

Racing action will resume next Thursday night August 19th at the Brighton Speedway.  Spectators will again have the chance to see the stars of tomorrow battle it out on the little oval, with racing starting at 6:30 –  Come see the action in person! Drivers and families should stay up to date by watching www.brightonspeedway.com for new as well as the Go Kart Racing Facebook page.


StoryTime – by Zeke McKeown