Kart Klub Race Report 5

The Kiwanis of Trenton Brighton Speedway Kart Klub was back to the track this past Thursday night,  with some luck on the competitors side rain showers bypassed the track and stayed to the north and east allowing a great night of racing to start on time.

First up the Box Stock 1 division,  the two drivers on the front row have been held winless on the season to date and were ready to go – #01 Blake Gregory and #7 Tate Black took the green.  Hard on the outside it was Black to the lead followed through by Gregory and a hard charging #19 Bentley Davidson.  The JB Painting sponsored #7 ride had been waiting for this chance as he pulled a commanding lead over Davidson, Gregory, and #95 Cole Robson.  The #7 of Black was able to keep the pace for the 10 lap feature and pickup the win, followed by the #01 of Gregory with a great last lap pass on Davidson, 4th place to Cole Robson.

Rookie 1 class rolled onto the clay oval next – #1 Colson Gregory and #99 Ethan Dobb led the pack to green,  the North Shore RV Park #99 of Dobb punched the go pedal to the floor and took off like a rocket, followed through by a pack of karts hunting for 2nd place.  As Dobb put his kart on cruise control the battle was heated behind him – #1 Gregory, #51 Gabe Miller and #29 Colby Butcher all traded position’s repeatedly.  As the laps came to a close it was Dobb with the win, Gregory coming back for 2nd place, #18 Elliot Stacey 3rd, followed by Butcher and #760 Oliver Collins in the top 5.

#57 Jacob Down and #9 Cooper McKeown on the front row for the Junior Sportsman 1 class.  Down was ready to go as he saw green, making a nice move to hold the lead an clear himself from the action behind.  You could throw a blanket over the next 3 karts with #71 Trevyn McCrillis, #9 McKeown and #15 Gordie Miller all trying to keep the #57 of Down in sight.  That was all they could do as the Carrying Place native Jacob Down picked up the big win, followed alphabetically in order McCrillis, McKeown and Miller as they crossed the line.

Box Stock 2 paced by BMW Kingston sponsored #31 Brody Davidson and ABC Taxi #0 Kolton French  – this seemed to be Davidson’s night as he had a great start and pulled into the lead followed through by French in turn 1.  #31 Davidson ran a flawless race and picked up the win extending his season points lead,  a great outside line pass by #80 Brock Beattie gave him a 2nd place, followed by French and #44x Tyler Green in 4th.

Starter Leslie Mowat gave the OK as #17 Ethan Humphrey and #9 Charley Smith-Wilson came off turn 4 in the Rookie 2 class.  Humphrey took the inside line advantage and pulled down the straightaway in front of the 7 kart field.  As the #17 continued to lead it wasn’t long until points leader #22 Nolan Chatten made his way through to 2nd,  multiple attempts by Chatten were unsuccessful as Humphrey was able to hold on for the win, Chatten 2nd, “HighSide” Kolby Ellis 3rd, #28 Ashton Sanderson 4th and the Eco Water Systems #33 of Caydie Lucas 5th.

Up next – Junior Sportsman 2 with #48 Ryan Greig and #9t Garren Taylor on the point,  Greig had the spot to beat with already multiple feature winners coming from the pole on the night. It was the Greig Truck & Trailer #48 to the lead challenged heavily for a majority of the 15 lap feature by 5th place starter #21 James Markland – that until a late race mechanical issue sidelined the #21 and his hopes.  The #48 Greig kart was able to hold position on a few late restarts and pickup the win, followed by #55 Carson Down, #92 Keira Turner 3rd with a late charge, #35d Dylan Moore and #99 Cameron Bristow rounded the top 5.

Trenton’s #44 Geoffrey Boates and Napanee’s #23k Kaitlyn O’Blenis held a group of 10 fast Junior Restricted karts in line, well until the green flag dropped – Some 4 wide action and some skilled driving sent the #22 Emma Terpstra to the top spot and the rest of the pack chasing behind.  Terpstra in the White & Blue #22 was free and clear until late race action with a lapped kart allowed a hard charging #35b Brennan Moore the chance he needed to slip past and pick up his 3rd win in a row, Terpstra 2nd, points leader #02 Holly Denard fought hard for a 3rd, O’Blenis 4th, and #74 Lexi Lucas in 5th.

Stock Lite class wound up to a singing 7000 RPM as they ran down the front straight,  3 wide racing right from the start  #7 Anthony Rinaldi, #83 Koen O’Hara and #17 Kyle Anderson battled the first lap with Rinaldi getting the early advantage for the 20 lap feature. As the Brighton Speedway house kart of Rinaldi and 3rd generation racer Anderson fought it out – 4th place starter #3 Carter Rhodes timed his attack on the pair and picked up the lead as the laps clicked off.  In the end it was points leader Rhodes with the win, Anderson 2nd, Rinaldi 3rd, #48 Chandler LeClair and #83 Koen O’Hara 4th and 5th respectively.

Join us this week – Thursday August 1st at 6:45 pm as the points battles heat up.  www.brightonspeedway.com – for points, results and schedule.

StoryTime by Zeke McKeown Media