Kart Klub Race Report #6

Brighton Speedway Kart Klub was back in action this past Thursday night, as we near the end of August and with only a couple of dates left on the Karting schedule, the points battles are heating up.  43 karts signed in the back gate as drivers and crews prepped their machines to get ready for battle.

Box Stock 1 division was first to roll on the speedway for their feature event with #77 Max VanDyk and #09g Grayson McColman starting up front of the 4 kart field.  Hard on the go pedal #87 Weston Mitts wasted no time to get to the front from his 3rd place starting position, followed through by the #09g of McColman – Mitts testing the outside line for bite lap after lap gradually pulling away until a slight misstep gave McColman the chance he was waiting for – the lead with 3 to go!  McColman on the low line Mitts on the top – outta turn 4 checkers waving – give the win to the #09g Grayson McColman, 2nd to Mitts, 3rd place to Max VanDyk and finishing the running order #21 Mason Petherick.
#0 Kolton French and #7 Tate Black led the Rookie 1 class to the starters green flag, with French using the outside line and pulling to the lead early.  A 4 kart battle waged behind French – with #01 Blake Gregory hard to the 2nd spot.  A great race with lots of passing saw Gregory, Black and #19 Bentley Davidson running 2 and 3 wide trying to chase down that fast #0 – all they could do watch as French hit the toll meter and took the fast way to victory lane in his ABC Taxi sponsored ride, #7 Black settled for 2nd, #19 Davidson 3rd, #01 Gregory 4th and #27 Reilly Day rounding the top 5.
A group of 5 Box Stock 2 competitors fired up and hit the little oval  – #101 Jase Patterson and #23 Albert Hodkinson controlled the pace as they rolled out of corner 4 and punched the loud pedal.  Patterson held the inside and pulled a couple kart lengths as he figured out the fast line and tried to distance himself from the action behind.  One thing in racing is that it is easier to follow then lead, Belleville native #2 Liam McPeak used this to his advantage in the main event – as he reeled in the Patterson machine with only a handful of laps remaining and threw a surprise slider coming out of turn 4 to steal the show.  As the checkers fell it was McPeak at the top of the podium Patterson 2nd, #08L Lily ray 3rd, #23 Hodkinson 4th and #10 Cole Cousineau finishing off the running order in 5th.
Rookie 2 lit the fire in their methanol burning engines as they pulled off of the grid with #10r Riley Deline and #07 Mason Richter at the top of the lineup.  Deline with a great start had the advantage as they blasted down the frontstretch and into corner 1 followed through closely by Richter and #20 AJ Peeters.  Some very tight racing with a 4 kart group of Deline, #70 Finley Mahoney and #19 Audrey Toms socially distancing themselves from the rest of the pack.  In the end Deline held on for the W, give 2nd Peeters, 3rd to Toms, 4th and 5th went to Mahoney and #31 Brody Davidson.
As the racetrack lights brightened up the fading sunlight, the Junior Sportsman 2 division ran down the backstraight and through corner 3 and 4.  #1 Coleson Gregory and #8 Raiden Steane were on point – Gregory made it 1st into corner 1 as the field of 6 karts fought behind him.  A very fast 15 lap main event saw many karts in the top 5 as drivers battled the slick track and the karts around them.  Smooth and fast the CPS Wood Products #1 made it look easy as Gregory picked up a win, #8 Steane battled back for 2nd, #57 Jacob Down on the podium in 3rd, #9s Cooper Mckeown and #71 Trevyn McCrillis rounded off the top 5.
7 Junior Restricted karts paced by #21 James Markland and #99b Jonelle Burke  – the #99b of Burke made the run off the top stick as she moved into the lead.  Before the halfway mark – points leader #01 Tyson Gregory charged from his 5th place starting spot to overtake Burke as the pair put a little distance on 3rd place Grace Hodkinson.  The Patterson & Sons Ground Works #01 was setup nicely as Tyson handily counted laps in the top spot till the checkers – Gregory with the win, Burke 2nd, Hodkinson 3rd, #55 Carson Down and the Bay Marine #899 Cam Bristow were in the top 5 on the night.
Stock Lite under the lights for their 20 laps of action – Jefco sponsored #14 Holden Paul and Greig Truck and Trailer #48 Ryan Greig on the front row of 4.  Paul looked fast early with a fast #11 Cole McKeown coming from his 3rd place starting spot staying in the draft and looking for more – the pair started to open a little space when out of corner 2 #14 Paul spun the tires on a slick track allowing McKeown by and bringing out one of the 2 cautions.  McKeown took command – with Ryan Greig the only one to challenge for the spot before the checkers waved.  McKeown’s McDonald Homes #11 with the win, Greig 2nd, Paul 3rd and #74 Lexi Lucas finishing the running order.
The heat will be on – Thursday August 26th as kart racing resumes on the little oval.  Please keep up to date on points and info at www.brightonspeedway.com or the Go Kart Racing Facebook page.
StoryTime – By Zeke McKeown Media