Kart Klub Race Report #7

Photo by Angela Berger

Threatening skies and rain showers split the Brighton Speedway this past Thursday night as the Kiwanis of Trenton Kart Klub was able to get in a full night of action on the little clay oval.  Track crews were hard at work this week and it showed on the nicely prepped racing surface as 49 registered karts took to the track and threw a little dirt.

First on the schedule, the Box Stock 1 division, Lightning McQueen #95 Cole Robson and the Scott’s Haulage #01 of Blake Gregory brought the field to green.  Hard out of the gate it was #19 Bentley Davidson and #7 Tate Black charging through from the back row and pulling into the 1 and 2 spots.  A good 10 lap battle between the pair ended up with #19 Davidson with the win, #7 Black 2nd, 3rd to #01 of Gregory and 4th #95 Robson.

Up next with no delay, the competitive Rookie 1 class.  #51 Gabe Miller and #18 Elliot Stacey paced the field as they rolled down the backstretch. Hotch’s Auto Parts #51 of Miller got the advantage on lap 1 as he tried to distance himself from the pack.  Making his way from the 5th place starting position #1 Colson Gregory set his sights on the race leader as they came upon lapped traffic Miller chose the top and Gregory squeezed through on the low line taking the lead and the win over Miller, #18 Stacey picked up a 3rd followed by #70 Finley Mahoney and #29 Colby Butcher.

Junior Sportsman 1 rolled out with #15 Gordie Miller on the point and #9 Cooper McKeown to the outside.  Miller used his inside line advantage to pull into the lead followed through by McKeown, the pair traded lines and positions until finally the Terry’s Firearms #15 of Miller broke free of the pack and was able to put a few kart lengths on the battle behind him.  Across the line, it was Miller with the win, points leader #71 Trevyn McCrillis 2nd, #57 Jacob Down 3rd, and #9 McKeown. 

Port Hope native #9 Rhys Massey and Trenton’s #44x Tyler Green led the field of Box Stock 2 karts off of turn 4.  The Wheel & Deal buy and sell machine of Green inherited the early lead but his time was short-lived in the top spot as a hard-charging #0 Kolton French held a fast inside line and moved his Dougie’s Diner kart through and checked out on the field.  French picked up the win followed by Green, #99 Bryce Massey, #31 Brody Davidson and #9 Ryhs Massey rounded the top 5.

Rookie 2 class fired up and 7 good looking karts crawled down the backstretch awaiting the start of the 10 lap feature.  Off the first corner, it was the #09 Gavin Quaterna pulling the outside line through past pole-sitter #28 Ashton Sanderson,  with the fast #17 Ethan Humphrey in tow.  As Quaterna tried to distance himself he could not shake the #17 of Humphrey waiting for his chance to strike, and as they approached lap traffic Humphrey made his move to the inside and pulled into the top spot.  As the checkers fell it was Humphrey with the win Quaterna 2nd, points leader #22 Nolan Chatten 3rd, #89 Kolby Ellis 4th and #28 Ashton Sanderson 5th.
8 Junior Sportsman 2 karts hit the clay led by #91 Bailey Andrews and #48 Ryan Greig, into corner 1 Andrews had the advantage with Greig sneaking into the second spot.  It seemed like Bailey Andrews’ night to shine putting together a great run until a slight push up allowed a freight train of karts through on the bottom side of the speedway headed by Belleville’s #48 Ryan Greig.  Greig made no mistake on his opportunity in the top spot as he picked up the win, #21 James Markland finished 2nd from his 5th place starting spot, after that, it was #92 Kiera Turner, #55 Carson Down and #35d Dylan Moore rounding the top 5 karts.

An intense class of 9 Junior Restricted drivers was next on the docket, #74r Rush Waite and #22 Emma Terpstra rolled out of 4 – hard on the GO pedal.  Inside line given the advantage as Waite and #74 Lexi Lucas slid through to 1 and 2, Codrington’s Rush Waite fended off all challenges until a late restart allowed #35b Brennan Moore and #11 Cole McKeown through on the catfish line.  The pair traded paint and positions as #02 Holly Denard entered the mix. With the McDonald Homes #11 on the point and a green, white checkered restart, Elgin Ontario’s Brennan Moore made it count squeezing under McKeown and picking up the win.  Holly Denard made it through for 2nd and McKeown held on to the 3rd spot.  #74r Rush Waite and #23k Kaitlyn O’Blenis rounded the top 5 in a very eventful 15 laps.

Stock Lite were ready to do battle on the little oval under the lights with #48 Chandler LeClair and #7 Anthony Rinaldi at the helm.  The low line was fast with LeClair pulling out to a nice lead over the action behind him,  all was free and clear for the CarQuest Trenton #48 until points leader Carter Rhodes in the #3 Brighton Speedway entry reeled him in.  A nice touch off of corner 2 and the Rhodes kart pulled to the lead down the backstretch never to look back again and nothing but clean air in front of him he picked up the victory.  #17 Kyle Anderson made it through to 2nd place over Anthony Rinaldi, LeClair and Koen O’Hara finishing in the 5th spot.

We are at it again this Thursday night at 6:45 pm sharp. Come out and see the stars of tomorrow on the little track.  Checkwww.brightonspeedway.com for up to date points, results, and schedule.

StoryTime by Zeke McKeown Media