McPherson Wins Nailbiter To Kick Off Applefest Shootout Weekend At Brighton Speedway

McPherson Wins Nailbiter To Kick Off Applefest Shootout Weekend At Brighton Speedway

September 21, 2012, BRIGHTON, ON  – Cody McPherson won a thrilling DIRTcar Sportsman Series feature event at Brighton Speedway Friday night to kick off the 2012 Applefest weekend. The young St. Catharines racer started on the pole in the stellar 31-car field, but the victory was far from easy. He lost the lead to his brother Tyler, and it looked as though Tyler would take the victory until his right rear tire exploded leaving Cody in position to score his first series win of the year.

“I tried everything I know on him (Tyler), but he’s just so good on the top,” said McPherson in victory lane. “As soon as Tyler went by me I knew the top was the place to be.”

The 35-lap grind got off to a rocky start when series points leader Brandon Easey got crossed up coming to the green flag. Easey wound up spinning up the race track, and the rest of the field scattered to avoid the carnage. Numerous drivers were involved, but everyone was able to restart.

Cody jumped to the lead on the complete restart with Quebec racer Mathieu Desjardins, and local favorite Doug O’Blenis from Napanee in tow. The driver on the move in the opening laps was Tyler McPherson who seemed to pass a car each lap from his seventh place starting spot to take over second on lap five.

Just before the 10 lap mark Tyler was took over the top spot, and through the middle of the race Tyler had the car to beat leaving his brother to battle Desjardin, Gary Lindberg and O’Blenis for second. The other driver on the move was Easey who had restarted 25th. Easey charged into the top 10 at the halfway point of the race.

As laps wound town McPherson made easy work of lapped traffic, and he seemed en route to a commanding victory until lap 32. McPherson’s right rear tire exploded on the front stretch causing a caution which would lead to a three lap dash to the finish.

Cody McPherson restarted with the lead, but Quebec driver Martin Pelletier led a challenge for the spot along with Lindberg and Brockville’s Chris Herbison.

Cars tangled on the race track as the checkered flag waved, and Cody McPherson held on to win ahead of Pelletier, Herbison, Lindberg, and St. Catharines driver Justin Sharp who quietly finished a great race in fifth.

The action continues Saturday at Brighton Speedway when the DIRTcar Modifieds do battle for 100 laps on the exciting short track. Time trials start at 5:30 pm Saturday. For more information, visit

Benson Auto Parts Applefest Shootout 35

DIRTcar Sportsman Series (35 Laps)

Results – Friday, September 21st, 2012

Finish # Name (Starting Position)

1. 7 Cody McPherson (1)

2. 95 Martin Pelletier (12)

3. 63 Chris Herbison (26)

4. 28 Gary Lindberg (10)

5. 8s Justin Sharp (16)

6. 3m Mathieu Desjardins (4)

7. 52F James Michael Freisen (28)

8. 99P Greg Panunte (9)

9. 777 Tyler McPherson (7)

10. 18R Brad Rouse (8)

11. 44F John Ferguson (18)

12. 06 Brandon Easey (5)

13. 2 Jenna David (30)

14. 18jr Louie Jackson Jr. (24)

15. 47s Corey Wheeler (17)

16. B7 Brian Comeau (19)

17. R70 Ryan Arbuthnot (14)

18. 00 Ryan Poole (2)

19. 80 Steve Barber (29)

20. m1 Dave Marcuccilli (6)

21. 53 Ricky Thompson (31)

22. 80eh Doug Buzzell Jr. (22)

23. 32 Doug O’Blenis (3)

24. 2xR Richard Raison (23)

25. 52 Jessica Power (13)

26. 33 Corey winters (25)

27. 20 Jason Shipclark (21)

28. 84 John Mills (11)

29. 83 Dylan Evoy (27)

30. 44x Dylan Breen (15)

31. 88x Mitch Primeau (20)