BRIGHTON, Ont. – The 50th Anniversary Season at Brighton Speedway continued on Saturday night with a full card of action featuring the Vanderlaan Building Supply Pro Late Models, OilGARD Anti-Rust Canadian Modifieds, Brighton Automotive Pro Stocks, and Bill’s Johns Comp presented by Behan Construction, Stix and Stones and Community Press.

Mowat Motors To Second Win

Brandon Mowat (No. 46) entered the night needing a solid run and a little help to close the gap to point leader Charlie Sandercock (No. 57) in the Vanderlaan Building Supply Pro Late Model division. Mowat started on the front row alongside Caley Weese (No. 77) in the 30 lap feature and showed the field early that he would be the driver to beat. Using the bottom line he ran consistent laps and led comfortably.

The race was marred by multiple cautions giving Kyle Sopaz (No. 12) the opportunity to challenge for the lead. The pair put on an exciting side by side battle for much of the second half of the race with Sopaz leading on lap 22. Mowat returned to the top spot one lap later and set sail for his second win of the season. Sopaz finished second ahead of Steve Baldwin (No. 5), Phil Potts (No. 29) and Austin King (No. 89). Point leader Sandercock struggled after being involved in a pair of incidents and allowed Mowat to gain ground in the championship chase.

Hennessy Holds Off Handley

The OilGARD Anti-Rust Canadian Modifieds 25 lap feature was a battle of attrition as a number of caution flags slowed the race. Doug O’Blenis (No. 32) and Derek Bowers (No. 03) led the field to the green flag. O’Blenis jumped out to the early lead and maintained control throughout the first 12 laps.

On a mid-race restart he relinquished the top spot to point leader Andrew Hennessy (No. 87), who had rallied from an early race crash. Kraig Handley (No. 91) followed Hennessy into the second position and challenged for the lead in the closing laps. When the checkered flag flew though, it was Hennessy back in victory lane. Handley crossed the line second while Rich Sanders (No. 29) finished a solid third. Leslie Turcotte-Mowat rebounded from an opening lap spin to finish fourth while Mark Busscher  (No. 84) was fifth.

Ramsay Rebounds

In a season that has seen many highs and lows for Justin Ramsay (No. 03) the defending Brighton Automotive Pro Stock champion was looking to get back to his winning ways in the 20 lap feature. James Boyer (No. 6) and Brian Cross (No. 08) started on the front row, but were quickly overtaken by Chris Dorland (No. 14). By lap five, point leader Doug Anderson (No. 72), worked his way into the top spot moving Dorland back to second.

Ramsay began to make his presence felt just two laps later by taking over the runner-up position. One lap later he worked to the inside of Anderson and claimed the lead. The two drivers raced closely over the final 12 laps with Ramsay taking the win over Anderson.

Mike Freeman (No. 51) kept the top two in sight and finished third while Austin Reid (No. 85) and outside pole sitter Cross finished fourth and fifth.

First For French

The Bill’s Johns Comp 4 feature was led to the green flag by Kevin Hertendy (No. 7) and Bella Cosstick (No. 24), but it was Jeff Humphry (No. 17) that would take early command of the 15 lap race. He jumped to the lead on lap one and stayed at the front for the next five circuits.

Josh French (No.08) meanwhile had worked his way to the second position and slipped by Humphry on lap 7. His car was hooked up and was dominate throughout the race as he drove to the win over Humphry. The victory capped off a comeback night for the team as mechanical problems in hot laps sidelined French from competing in heat competition.

Nathan Day (No. 14), filling in for Matthew Moore drove to a third place finish ahead of Tyler French (No. 0) and outside pole sitter Cosstick.

Up Next – Ultramar CST Labour Day Classic Weekend

Next weekend is the Ultramar CST Labour Day Classic Weekend. On Saturday, September 2nd  the Southern Ontario Sprints presented by Sanderson Tire and Automotive return along with the OilGARD Anti-Rust Canadian Modifieds, Brighton Automotive Pro Stocks, Bill’s Johns Comp 4’s and Quinte Septic Stingers. Racing starts at 7:00 PM. On Sunday, September 3rd the Southern Ontario Sprints will compete again while the Late Models  and Canadian Modifieds run topless. The night will also include the final points night for Pro Stocks and the Simon Petit Memorial Wingless Sprint Dash. For admission pricing and more information visit


Brighton Speedway Finishes Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Bill’s Johns Comp 4 Division

Feature:  1. Josh French (Belleville, ON), 2. Jeff Humphry (Belleville, ON), 3. Matthew Moore (Nathan Day) (Port Hope, ON), 4. Tyler French (Belleville, ON), 5. Bella Cosstick (Trenton, ON), 6. Kevin Hertendy (Cobourg, ON), 7. Luke Toms (Port Hope, ON), 8. Keith Dunk (Brighton, ON), 9. Adam Flieler  (Trenton, ON), 10. Nick Morton (Brighton, ON), 11. Adam Wells (Stirling, ), 12. Jordon Baldwin (Stirling, ), 13. Matthew French (Frankford, On),

Heat 1:  1. Tyler French (Belleville, ON), 2. Adam Flieler  (Trenton, ON), 3. Adam Wells (Stirling, ), 4. Matthew Moore (Nathan Day) (Port Hope, ON), 5. Bella Cosstick (Trenton, ON), 6. Nick Morton (Brighton, ON), 7. Josh French (Belleville, ON),



Heat 2:  1. Jeff Humphry (Belleville, ON), 2. Luke Toms (Port Hope, ON), 3. Matthew French (Frankford, On), 4. Kevin Hertendy (Cobourg, ON), 5. Jordon Baldwin (Stirling, ), 6. Keith Dunk (Brighton, ON),


Brighton Automotive Pro Stock Division

Feature: 1. Justin Ramsay (Trenton, ON), 2. Doug Anderson (Trenton, ON), 3. Mike Freeman (Brighton, ON), 4. Austin Reid (Brighton, ON), 5. Brian Cross (Picton, ), 6. Warren Mowat (Trenton, ON), 7. Chris Dorland (Demorestville, ON), 8. Dan Insley (Wellington, ON), 9. Carissa Burrows (Ameliasburgh, ON), 10. Samantha Mayhew (Lakeport, ON), 11. Steven Stachura (Frankford, ON), 12. Jason Preece (Trenton, ), 13. James Boyer (Picton, ON), 14. Travis Coates (Bloomfield, ON), 15. Angie Kirby (Ameliasburg, ), 16. Jeff Howard  (Trenton, ON), 17. Daniel Cole (Picton, )

Heat 1: 1. Brian Cross (Picton, ), 2. Justin Ramsay (Trenton, ON), 3. Steven Stachura (Frankford, ON), 4. Dan Insley (Wellington, ON), 5. Travis Coates (Bloomfield, ON), 6. Warren Mowat (Trenton, ON),

Heat 2: 1. Doug Anderson (Trenton, ON), 2. Jeff Howard  (Trenton, ON), 3. Angie Kirby (Ameliasburg, ), 4. Mike Freeman (Brighton, ON), 5. Austin Reid (Brighton, ON), 6. Jason Preece (Trenton, )

Heat 3: 1. Chris Dorland (Demorestville, ON), 2. James Boyer (Picton, ON), 3. Carissa Burrows (Ameliasburgh, ON), 4. Samantha Mayhew (Lakeport, ON), 5. Wade Purchase (Demorestville, ON), 6. Daniel Cole (Picton, ),

OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modified Division

Feature: 1. Andrew Hennessy (Picton, ON), 2. Kraig Handley  (Picton, ON), 3. Rich Sanders (Brighton, ON), 4. Leslie Turcotte-Mowat (Trenton, ON), 5. Mark Busscher (Hillier, ON), 6. Doug O’Blenis (Napanee, ON), 7. Derek Bowers (Belleville, ON), 8. Shawn Gregory (Trenton, ON), 9. Curtis King (Wooler, ON), 10. Nathan Rinaldi (Brighton, ON), 11. Adam Whaley (Frankford, ON),

Heat 1: 1. Doug O’Blenis (Napanee, ON), 2. Curtis King (Wooler, ON), 3. Leslie Turcotte-Mowat (Trenton, ON), 4. Adam Whaley (Frankford, ON), 5. Mark Busscher (Hillier, ON), 6. Rich Sanders (Brighton, ON),

Heat 2: 1. Kraig Handley  (Picton, ON), 2. Andrew Hennessy (Picton, ON), 3. Derek Bowers (Belleville, ON), 4. Nathan Rinaldi (Brighton, ON), 5. Shawn Gregory (Trenton, ON), 6. Brandon Gregory (Trenton, ),


Vanderlaan Building Supplies Pro Late Model Division

Feature: 1. Brandon Mowat (Brighton, ON), 2. Kyle Sopaz  (Carrying Place, ON), 3. Steve Baldwin (Trenton, ON), 4. Phil Potts (Frankford, On), 5. Austin King (Port Hope, ON), 6. Charlie Sandercock (Belleville, ON), 7. Andy Mayhew (Picton, ON), 8. Caley Weese  (Carrying Place, ON), 9. Terry Hunt (Carrying Place, ON), 10. Robbie Wilson (Trenton, ON), 11. Craig Graham (Orono, ON), 12. Bradley Rayner (Codrington, ), 13. Micheal Goudie (Muskoka, ), 14. Tyler Rand (Picton, ON),

Heat 1: 1. Kyle Sopaz  (Carrying Place, ON), 2. Robbie Wilson (Trenton, ON), 3. Andy Mayhew (Picton, ON), 4. Brandon Mowat (Brighton, ON), 5. Terry Hunt (Carrying Place, ON), 6. Austin King (Port Hope, ON), 7. Bradley Rayner (Codrington, ),

Heat 2: 1. Phil Potts (Frankford, On), 2. Caley Weese  (Carrying Place, ON), 3. Charlie Sandercock (Belleville, ON), 4. Steve Baldwin (Trenton, ON), 5. Micheal Goudie (Muskoka, ), 6. Craig Graham (Orono, ON), 7. Tyler Rand (Picton, ON),


Photo Credit Dale Calnan,

IMG 003  The Vanderlaan Building Supplies Pro Late Model Division saw Brandon Mowat (No. 46) take his second win on the season over Kyle Sopaz (No. 12) in an exciting side by side battle for much of the second half of the race Saturday, August 26th at Brighton Speedway.