Potts Goes For Wild Ride

By Clayton Johns, For On Dirt Racing News (www.ondirtracingnews.com)

Potts FlipPhil Potts went for one of the wildest rides we’ve seen a late model take during Saturday’s RUSH Pro Late Model feature at Brighton Speedway. Following a lap three restart, Potts was racing to get in to the top-five.

On lap five, he came off turn four in the inside lane with Austin King to his outside. The two drivers made contact around the mid-point of the straightaway. Potts was sideways and the car began to roll.

“A car clipped me on the right-rear corner, turned me sideways. Once he pushed up the car, the left rear tire dug in and I started to barrel roll,” Potts said.

“As soon as the drivers door slammed the track, I just crossed my arms, grabbed my belts and was along for the ride. On the last roll, I grabbed the steering wheel again, but by the time you grab the steering wheel you’re already stopped.”

Here’s the video everyone is waiting for.Saturday, June 14, 2015Brighton Speedway excitement, with Phil Potts stealing the show!!We’re very happy that Phil was able to climb out of his car, and walk back to the pit area without any major injury.

Posted by Lava Clean on Sunday, June 14, 2015

Potts, thankfully, was uninjured by the wicked wreck. He rolled twice, although it seemed like 10, with the impact of the first roll sending him high enough in the air to land on the outside retaining wall.

“You see light, dark, light, dark. That’s basically what I saw. The hardest hit was the first time when I hit the track on the driver’s door,” Potts said. “Beyond that, it was pretty gentle. The car absorbed most of the energy.”

The No.29 Potts started the night with is completely destroyed. The team does have a backup car, which it will use to race the rest of the Brighton season and with the Go Nuclear Late Model tour.

“We all know it’s the chance we take every time we go on the track. It just doesn’t make it any better. It’s not an easier pill to swallow.”

Potts was also quick to thank the Brighton Speedway safety crew for their speedy response to the wreck that sent the crowd in attendance in to a panic.

“You have to give hats off to the Brighton safety crew. The car hadn’t hit the ground yet and I could see Brett Minaker already on the run,” Potts said. “I’m barely getting focused and Brett’s almost there.”

Following the incident, Potts didn’t have even a scratch on his body and was without pain the next day. He credits his car owners, Stu and April Archer, for buying the best safety equipment available and forcing him to buy a NecksGen neck restraint at the start of the season.

“I was cursing him when I first got it. I hated the thing,” Potts said. “Now, I’ll probably never race without one again.”

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