Prince Edward County Sweep of the Sprint Car Podium!

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August 11, 2013
by Greg Calnan and Angela Rinaldi

In his first six seasons of sprint car competition Chris Jones had just two visits to victory lane on his resume. In just one month he has managed to quadruple that total with a string of three wins in a row with the Southern Ontario Sprints.  The most recent coming Saturday night at Brighton Speedway as a full house was on hand to watch Jones pull off the three peat on Rapid Rad and Star 93.3 night.  The action wasn’t only in the sprints either on Saturday night as all five divisions put up some of the most exciting racing of the season!

The Sanderson Tire and Automotive Southern Ontario Sprints saw #11 Chris Jones draw the pole for the 20 lap main event and started alongside Charlie Sandercock. On the opening lap the pair touched wheels sending the front of Sandercock’s car in the air for a brief moment. The two got through the incident and continued on. The following lap however a multi-car crash in corner three would bring out the red flag. Dain Naida, Keith Dempster and both Dick and Warren Mahoney were involved. Dempster would take the wildest ride as his car was hit while in a roll. All drivers were uninjured while only Warren Mahoney would continue.

On the restart Jones would continue to hold the top spot until Glenn Styres worked around the #11J. Styres seemed to be pulling away from the pack until mechanical problems brought the car to stop in turn one on lap 11. The team managed to get Styres back out on the track, but his chances at a win were over. The problems handed the lead over to Tyler Rand who had worked by Jones in the previous lap.

A second caution on lap 11 flew for a spin by Warren Mahoney. It would be the final stoppage in the race and set up a great battle for the lead between Rand and Jones.  On lap 16 Jones moved back by Rand and cruised to his third straight win in SOS competition. Rand finished a career high second while another hometown favorite Charlie Sandercock finished third making it an all Prince Edward County podium.  The victory unofficially makes Jones the new points leader by just three markers over Collard with five races remaining in the season.

The Bill’s Johns Comp saw current points leader #43 Tom Vance win a battle off turn four that was four wide.  Vance battled hard with race long leader # 11 Adam Flieler and on the final turn #31 Jeff Howard and #36 Stephen Giza jumped into the mix as well.  Vance would beat the three to the line by inches to take the victory followed by Flieler, Howard and Giza.

# 87 Andrew Hennessy powered to the lead in the OilGuard Anti Rust Canadian Modified Division.  Coming from his 10th place starting position Hennessy powered by the pole sitter and race long leader #07 Curtis King on lap 12 and wouldn’t look back from there.  Hennessy picked up his forth checkered of the season followed by King who is a Rookie in the Modifieds and posted his career best finish.   #46 Warren Mowat came home third holding of #91 Kraig Handley and #33 Ryan Scott.

The Vanderlaan Building Supplies Late Models saw #25 Greg Belyea and #77 Caley Weese started side by side on the front row  and it was Belyea that would jump out to the early lead but Weese would stay right on his rear bumper and make the pass for the lead on lap 8.  Weese looked to be in control and was making her way through lapped traffic until the caution was thrown late on lap 22 for debris as a part of the nose cone had come off #92 Adam Turner.  Weese would choose the inside for the restart with #5 Steve Baldwin on the outside.  Weese again would jump to the lead but now the #11 of Corey Earl and the #57 Charlie Sandercock would work underneath Baldwin and the two would be in a heated battle for second.   Sandercock and Earl would swap the inside and outside a number of times as both tried to find the line around each other and Weese.  Weese lead them into turn three for the final time with Earl trying to dive underneath her and Sandercock on the high side.  Earl lost his momentum so it was a drag race between Weese and Sandercock coming out of turn 4 and just when it looked like Weese would pick up her fist feature win Sandercock edged her at the line in a photo finish by .057 seconds.

In the Brighton Automotive Pro Stocks Doug Anderson picked up his 9th win of the season, a season he has pretty much dominated.  Behind Anderson was the #83 of Jay O’Hara and #2 Leslie Mowat.

Be sure to join us next week as Flowmetrix presents the Canadian National Autism foundations “Kids Race”.  The evening will feature the Late Models, Canadian Modifieds, Pro Stocks Comp 4’s and Stingers as well as the Canadian Modified Mechanics Race.    Gates open at 5:00PM and racing starts at 7:00PM sharp each Saturday night.  Tickets can be purchased at the gate and we remind fans that we have full concessions on site. You can check the web site at or visit us on Facebook to keep up to date on all that is happening in our racing world.  Be sure to mark Saturday August 31st and Sunday September 1st of the Calendar as the Southern Ontario Sprints return for two nights of action during the Bellevue Fabrication Labour Day Weekend Classic

August 3rd, 213 Race Results

Bill’s Johns Comp 4

  1. #43 Tom Vance; 2. #11 Adam Flieler; 3. #31 Jeff Howard; 4. #36 Stephen Giza; 5. #29 Rich Sanderson

Brighton Automotive Pro Stocks

  1. #72 Doug Anderson; 2. #83 Jay O’Hara; 3. #2 Leslie Mowat; 4. #03 Justin Ramsay; 5. #73 Jason Preece

OILgard Canadian Modified

  1. #87 Andrew Hennessy; 2. #07 Curtis King; 3. #46 Warren Mowat; 4. #91 Kraig Handley; 5. #33 Ryan Scott

Vanderlaan Building Supplies Pro Late Models

  1. #57 Charlie Sandercock; 2. #77 Caley Weese; 3. #11 Corey Earl; 4. #20 Terry Hunt; 5. #5 Steve Baldwin

Sanderson Tire and Automotive Southern Ontario Sprints

  1. #11J Chris Jones; 2. #84 Tyler Rand; 3. #57 Charlie Sandercock; 4. #7x Jamie Collard; 5. #10B Mitch Brown

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Img 8789 : It was a drag race between #77 Caley Weese and #57 Charlie Sandercock coming out of turn 4 during the Vanderlaan Building Supplies Pro Late Model Race Saturday night at Brighton Speedway. Just when it looked like Weese would pick up her fist feature win Sandercock edged her at the line in a photo finish by .057 seconds.



Img 2398: # 11j Chris Jones took his third victory in a row during the Sanderson Automotive Southern Ontario Sprint Feature Saturday night at Brighton Speedway.  Jones holds a small points lead going into the final five races for the series.


Img 2417: #57 Charlie Sandercock doing double duty Saturday night took his first checkered flag at Brighton Speedway for the 2013 in the Vanderlaan Building Supplies Pro Late Model Race after finishing third in the Southern Ontario Sprint Feature two races before.