HOT HOT HOT was the word of the day as the Brighton Speedway Kart Klub started off their delayed season opener on the little clay oval on the beautiful grounds of the Brighton Speedway.  42 racers with pit crews ready for action suited up in facemasks and race suits ready for a long-awaited return to dirt flying and turning left – FAST!  The pre-registered group of drivers were split up on age and experience level into 8 classes to keep competition tight and racing fun.  Hot laps are completed by each class as well as heat races to setup and qualify karts to the main feature events, when all the money is on the line.

First up the Box Stock 1 Division, a group of 5 or 6-year-old first time racers behind the wheel. A good group of 5 karts took the green with #97 Max Taylor and #100 Hannah Harrison inside and outside hard on the gas for the initial start and a few restarts.  A hard charging #27 Riley Day coming from the 5th starting position made a battle of it in the closing laps but came up short, with #97 Taylor cruising to a clean victory over Day, Harrison, Jase Patterson and Knoxin Wells rounded the top 5 in the first night out.

Rookie 1 Class rounded the 4th corner and hit the loud pedal, the Big #0 of Kolton French and #760 Oliver Collins took off with #80 Brock Beattie throwing out a rope and keeping the pair within striking distance.  French looked in fine form as he clicked off laps and never looked back picking up the W, Collins and Beattie were bumper to bumper at the end but the #760 held the spot. 4th through 7th had #19 Audrey Toms, 44x Tyler Green, #82 Reese Harrison and #31 Brody Davidson ending the night early with mechanical issues.

Rolling out under the hot sunset, the Jr. Sportsman 1 Class – #99 Ethan Dobb and #1 Coleson Gregory had the point on their 15-lap main event.  A great race saw Dobb fending off multiple attempts by Gregory to challenge for the top spot.  Eventually a little misstep by the #99 of Dobb allowed Gregory just enough room to squeeze up the inside on the catfish lane and take the lead, #1 Gregory was able to hold on for the remaining laps over #18 Elliot Stacey with a nice clean race, Dobb ended up 3rd on the podium and # 99 Bryce Massey crossed the line 4th.

2nd year Yung Guns in our Box Stock 2 class, it was #7 Tate Black charging to the early lead challenged heavily by #01 Blake Gregory.  It took a few laps but persistence paid off for the #01 machine as he used the cushion off of corner 2 to make his way outside of Black and get the spot.  The #01 saw the checkers first as he grabbed the win, Black came home with a very strong 2nd and #19 Bentley Davidson crossed the line 3rd after time on pit road for mechanical issues.

Rookie 2 class saw a bunch of new names at the Brighton Speedway.   #10 Landen Menard and #70 Finley Mahoney saw starter Anthony Rinaldi’s green flag first, Menard with the inside line pulled to the 1 spot, followed through by #14 Holden Paul.  The pair pulled a few kart lengths on the 7-kart field and battled out the low line, behind the leaders a great 3 kart battle with #70 Mahoney, # 9 Summer Vallier and #3s Savannah Parks trading spots and lines.  In the end #10 Menard held the lead followed close by #14 Paul, 3rd through 7th saw #9 Vallier, #70 Mahoney, #3s Parks, #9p Wilson and #29 Wardaugh.

The biggest kart count of the night was the Jr. Sportsman 2 division with 9 roaring methanol breathing monsters ready for action.  A dicey first lap saw last year’s Rookie 2 class champion #71 Trevyn McCrillis get the jump and clear himself from the action behind, followed through by #01 Tyson Gregory on the bottom.  A smooth slide-job by #35d Dylan Moore on the 2nd corner dropped Gregory back a spot as the field single filed out.  In a green to checkers event McCrillis was flawless as he picked up the win, #35d Moore 2nd, #01 Gregory 3rd and #21 James Markland and #22 Nolan Chatten rounded the top 5.

With the sun setting over the back of the speedway grandstand the Junior Restricted division hit the track.  #74 Lexi Lucas and #35b Brennan Moore wheeled their machines at the start line, Lucas had the advantage on the inside line and that was all she needed to get in front of the #35b Moore kart.  Clean smooth laps were in the books as Lucas made it look easy and all Moore could do was watch from 3 kart lengths back.  Lucas with the win, Moore 2nd and #22 Callie Mahoney in the 3 spot.

Last on the night, the Stock Lite class.  A pair of 3rd generation drivers on the front row as #11 Cole McKeown got the jump on #23k Kaitlyn O’Blenis out of 4, McKeown pulled to a few kart lengths advantage as O’Blenis and #83 Koen O’Hara battled hard for the 2nd spot.  The pair battled hard for the number 2 spot as McKeown counted laps down, action midrace between the #23k and the #83 sent the O’Blenis ride behind the fence and to the pit area – not to return.  One restart was all O’Hara had to get the fast #11 of McKeown, but he could not quite make it stick as McKeown held the top spot and got the win.

Racing action will resume next Thursday night July 16 at the Brighton Speedway.  Unfortunately, spectators will still have to wait to come see the action.  Drivers and families should stay up to date by watching for updates as well as the Go Kart Racing Facebook page.


Feature Results July 9th, 2020:

Box Stock 1

  1. 97 Max Taylor
  2. 27 Riley Day
  3. 100 Hannah Harrison
  4. 101 Jase Patterson
  5. 48jr Knoxin Wells


Box Stock 2

  1. 01 Blake Gregory
  2. 7 Tate Black
  3. 19 Bentley Davidson


Rookie 1

  1. 0 Kolton French
  2. 760 Oliver Collins
  3. 80 Brock Beattie
  4. 19 Audrey Toms
  5. 44x Tyler Green
  6. 82 Reese Harrison
  7. 31 Brody Davidson

Rookie 2

  1. 10 Landen Menard
  2. 14 Holden Paul
  3. 9 Summer Vallier
  4. 70 Finley Mahoney
  5. 3s Savanah Parks
  6. 9p Charley Wilson
  7. 29h Hayden Wardaugh


Junior Sportsman 1

  1. 1 Coleson Gregory
  2. 18 Elliott Stacey
  3. 99d Ethan Dobb
  4. 99m Bryce Massey


Junior Sportsman 2

  1. 71 Trevyn McCrillis
  2. 35d Dylan Moore
  3. 01 Tyson Gregory
  4. 21 James Markland
  5. 22 Nolan Chatten
  6. 48 Ryan Greig
  7. 89 Kolby Ellis
  8. 9s Cooper McKeown
  9. 28 Ashton Sanderson


Junior Restricted

  1. 74 Lexi Lucas
  2. 35b Brennan Moore
  3. 22 Callie Mahoney


Stock Lite

  1. 11 Cole McKeown
  2. 83 Koen O’Hara
  3. 23k Kaitlyn O’Blenis