Williamson Wins First Applefest Shootout

BRIGHTON, Ont. – Orange Motorsports presented the second and final night of Applefest Shootout Weekend at Brighton Speedway. The DIRTcar 358 Modifieds headlined the event in the 75 lap Applefest Shootout along with Go Nuclear! Late Model Series with the running of the Great Crate Race. The event also included the DIRTcar Sportsman Western Region Series with their second race of the weekend plus the Quad Track Duel on the Dirt Finale for Pro Stocks and an invitation for Canadian Modifieds.

Williamson Wins First Applefest Shootout

The 13th Annual Applefest Shootout was led to the green flag by Gary Lindberg (No. 28z) and Mike Bowman (No. 71). The two drivers swapped the top spot five times over the first 30 laps of the 75 lap main event.

Bobby Herrington (No. 25h) began to make his presence known by the one third mark and worked his way to the point on lap 32. The next 18 circuits were led by the Kingston driver as he controlled the pace until Chad Brachmann (No. 3) took his turn in the lead.

A restart with two laps left set up a true shootout between Brachmann and second place Mat Williamson (No. 6). Going into the second corner though mechanical issues slowed the leader handing Williamson the top spot. He held on for the final lap and a half to win his first career Applefest Shootout. Erick Rudolph (No. 25) fell just one spot short of winning his fourth straight in the event, while Herrington crossed the finish line third. Pole sitter Lindberg was fourth and Brachmann nursed his car to a top five finish.

Sandercock Three-Peats

The Great Crate Race for the Go Nuclear! Late Model Series shared center stage as a full field of cars competed for the big pay day. Home track regulars Brandon Mowatt (No. 46) and Charlie Sandercock (No. 57) started up front for the 50 lap A-main. The pair battled closely all night and exchanged the lead six times over the course of the race.

When the dust settled Sandercock found his way to victory lane for the third straight time in the event. Mowatt capped off another solid weekend by finishing a close second over former race winner Dale Caswell (No. r19). Steve Baldwin (No. 5) crossed the finish line in fourth while Kyle Sopaz (No. 12) was fifth.

Ferguson First In Sportsman

For the second straight night the DIRTcar Sportsman Western Region Series was in competition. Home track favourite Dan Ferguson (No. 11) started on the pole alongside for Brighton Speedway regular Ryan Scott (No. 33). The pair bolted away from the field in the early laps and swapped the lead twice during the first 17 lap stint of green flag racing.

On a lap 18 restart Scott cleared Ferguson for the final time, but would have to deal with a new contender as Johnathan Ferguson (No. 44) challenged for the top spot. The two exchanged the lead on a green-white-checker finish with Ferguson narrowly grabbing the win. Scott held on for an impressive second place finish over Brad Rouse (No. 18r). Cody McPherson (No. 7) rallied from problems early in the race to take the fourth place prize money while Matt Farnham (No. 7f) completed the top five.

Anderson Smooth; Bailey Champ

The Quad Track Duel on the Dirt Finale took place on Saturday for the Pro Stock division. Adam Turner (No. 44) and 2017 track champion Doug Anderson (No. 72) started on the front row for the 40 lap affair. Anderson was the class of the field from the drop of the green flag and led every lap on route to the victory.

Outside pole sitter Turner ran a solid race and held off charges from Justin Ramsay (No. 03) and Billy Bleich Jr. (No. 11jr) to drive to a second place finish. For the second straight night Wade Purchase (No. 53) claimed a podium finish crossing the line third while Bleich and point leader Dave Bailey (No. 49) finished fourth and fifth. With the top five finish Bailey unofficially claimed the Duel on the Dirt championship. The title capped off a year that also saw him win the points crown at Ohsweken, Merrittville and Humberstone speedway’s.

Handley Turns Things Around

A serious crash two weeks ago sent Kraig Handley (No. 91) upside down on the front stretch in the Danny Reid Memorial for the Canadian Modified division. In his first race back, the Picton driver found himself right side up and this time when he climbed from the car he was standing in victory lane.

Adam Whaley (No. 12) and Doug O’Blenis (No. 32) led the field to green with O’Blenis jumping out to the early lead. He paced the event for the first five laps, but relinquished the lead to Handley on lap 6. From that point Handley cruised to the win over 2017 champion Andrew Hennessy (No. 08). Driving to a third place finish was Curtis King (No. 07) while Rich Sanders (No. 29) and Shawn Gregory (No. 1) completed the top five.

Up Next – Lange & Fetter Ford Eve of Destruction

Action returns on Saturday, September 30th for the Lange & Fetter Ford Eve of Destruction featuring the Workman’s OK Tire & Auto School Bus Races, the Brighton Recycling Demolition Derby, the Hotch’s Auto Parts 100 lap Monster Enduro plus Juniors races, Ladies races, the Gauntlet, Flag Pole and Trailer races. The fun begins at 1pm. Adult admission is $15. For more information visit www.brightonspeedway.com.


Brighton Speedway Appefest Shootout Results



Bill Johns Comp 4 Invitational

  1. Adam Flieler (Trenton, ON), 2. Adam Wells (Stirling, ), 3. Tyler French (Belleville, ON), 4. Matthew Moore (Port Hope, ON), 5. Justin Jodoin, 6. Tristan hufford (Brockville, ), 7. Josh French (Belleville, ON), 8. Kevin Hertendy (Cobourg, ON), 9. Dylan Kirkland (Brockville, ON), 10. Dustin Bode (Smith Falls, ), 11. Lawrence Everden (Trenton, ), 12. Marc Dagenais, 13. Dominick Merkley, 14. Nick Massi, 15. Mark Packer, 16. Keith Dunk (Brighton, ON), 17. Jesse Somenberg, 18. Corey Gates, 19. Karl Poutine, 20. Joel Dempster, 21. Bella Cosstick (Trenton, ON), 22. Alexandre Sabourin (Gatineau, ),


Brighton Automotive Pro Stock Division

  1. Justin Ramsay (Trenton, ON), 2. Wade Purchase (Demorestville, ON), 3. Rob Murray (St Catherine, ), 4. Dave Bailey (Hagersville, ), 5. Doug Anderson (Trenton, ON), 6. Billy Bleitch (Therold, ), 7. Brandon Murrell (Gores Landing, ON), 8. Austin Reid (Brighton, ON), 9. Micheal Dillon (Brockville Track, ), 10. Adam Wells (Stirling, ), 11. Jeff Humphry (Belleville, ON), 12. Jason Fontaine, 13. Steven Stachura (Frankford, ON), 14. Jason Preece (Trenton, ), 15. Warren Mowat (Trenton, ON), 16. Jeff Howard (Trenton, ON), 17. Carissa Burrows (Ameliasburgh, ON), 18. John Calgey (Brockville, ON), 19. Dave Barrett* (Colborne, ), 20. Dan Insley (Wellington, ON), 21. Angie Kirby (Ameliasburg, ), 22. Brian Cross (Picton, ), 23. Kyle Pelrine (Smithville, ON), 24. Chris Dorland (Demorestville, ON),


DIRTCar Sportsman Series Race 1

  1. Brent Begolo, 2. Cody McPherson (St-Catharines, ON), 3. Tristan Draper (Harrowsmith, ON), 4. Ryan Scott (Kingston, ON), 5. Brad Rouse (St-Catherine, ON), 6. Matt Farnham, 7. Luke Carleton (Port Colborne, ), 8. Jonathan Ferguson (Prescott, ON), 9. Jordan Cosco (St Catherines, ON), 10. Dan Ferguson (Picton, ON), 11. Rob Knapp (Niagara Falls, ON), 12. Zac McBride (Baltimore, ON), 13. Jessica Power (Kingston, ON), 14. Trevor Wright, 15. Chris Cunningham (Cazenovia, ), 16. Michel Beyore (Colborne, ON), 17. Chris Ferguson (Chesterville, ON), 18. Derek VanMill, 19. Geneva Sheffield (Picton, ), 20. Josh Kirkland (Maitland, ON), 21. Dean Scott (Beachville, ), 22. Chris Watters, 23. Dylan Davidson (St Catharines, ON), 24. Xavier Andrews, 25. Steve Shaw JR, 26. Kyle Wilson (Joyceville, ON), 27. Jamie Young (Sydenham, ),


Vanderlaan Building Products Pro Late Model Division

  1. Brandon Mowat (Brighton, ON), 2. Charlie Sandercock (Belleville, ON), 3. Austin King (Port Hope, ON), 4. Phil Potts (Frankford, On), 5. Dale Caswell, 6. Chad Homan, 7. Andy Mayhew (Picton, ON), 8. Caley Weese (Carrying Place, ON), 9. Sam Pennecchio, 10. Steve Baldwin (Trenton, ON), 11. Chris Fleming, 12. Kyle Sopaz  (Carrying Place, ON), 13. Robbie Wilson (Trenton, ON), 14. Adam Turner (Picton, ON), 15. Tim Gillespie, 16. Greg Belyea  (Frankford, ON), 17. Craig Graham (Orono, ON), 18. Terry Hunt (Carrying Place, ON), 19. Elmer Stevenson (Trenton, ), 20. Mark Rayner  (Codrington, ), 21. CJ Field (Chatham, ), 22. Eli Mayhew (Picton, ON), 23. Ken Winfield, 24. Harry Halliday,


Brighton Automotive Pro Stock Quad Track Duel in the Dirt Finale

  1. Doug Anderson (Trenton, ON), 2. Wade Purchase (Demorestville, ON), 3. Billy Bleitch (Therold, ), 4. Dave Bailey (Hagersville, ), 5. Justin Ramsay (Trenton, ON), 6. Tyler Bushie (Ogdensburg, ), 7. Austin Reid (Brighton, ON), 8. Brandon Murrell (Gores Landing, ON), 9. Vince Fargnoli (Niagra Falls, ), 10. Ken Sargent (Hamilton, ON), 11. Dan Insley (Wellington, ON), 12. Kyle Pelrine (Smithville, ON), 13. Chris Dorland (Demorestville, ON), 14. Jason Fontaine, 15. Jeff Humphry (Belleville, ON), 16. Blake Bomberry Jr (Oshweken, ON), 17. Ryan Dinning (Hagersville, ), 18. Jeff Howard (Trenton, ON), 19. Mike Freeman (Brighton, ON), 20. Angie Kirby (Ameliasburg, ), 21. Carissa Burrows (Ameliasburgh, ON), 22. Steven Stachura (Frankford, ON), 23. Brandon Gregory (Trenton, ), 24. Warren Mowat (Trenton, ON), 25. Rob Murray (St Catherine, ), 26. Travis Coates (Bloomfield, ON),


DIRTCar 358 Applefest Shootout

  1. Mat Williamson (St Catherines, ON), 2. Erick Rudolph (Ransomville, ), 3. Bobby Herrington, 4. Gary Lindberg, 5. Chad Brachmann, 6. Danny O Brien (Kingston, ON), 7. Mike Bowman (St Catharines, ON), 8. Ryan Arbuthnot, 9. Kyle Dingwall (Williamsburf, ), 10. Jeremy Lasalle (Brockville, ), 11. Chris Herbison (Bicknell, ), 12. Tim Jones, 13. Rick Willson (Joyceville, ON), 14. Bryan Rogers (Kingston, ON), 15. Luke Stewart (Kingston, ON), 16. Todd Gordon (St. Catherine, ), 17. Fred Carleton, 18. Tim OBrien (Inverary, ON), 19. Adam Turner (Picton, ON), 20. Steve Lewis, 21. Gage Morin (Cornwall, ), 22. Joseph Banks, 23. Tommy Flannigan, 24. Ryan Poole (Brockville, ON), 25. Steve Bilow (Howelsland, ON), 26. Scott Wood (Thorold, ), 27. Roger Levesque, 28. Kevin Poitras (Newcastle, ON),


DIRTCar Sportsman Series Race 2

  1. Jonathan Ferguson (Prescott, ON), 2. Ryan Scott (Kingston, ON), 3. Brad Rouse (St-Catherine, ON), 4. Cody McPherson (St-Catharines, ON), 5. Matt Farnham, 6. Dan Ferguson (Picton, ON), 7. Tristan Draper (Harrowsmith, ON), 8. Brent Begolo, 9. Dylan Davidson (St Catharines, ON), 10. Rob Goulding (Port Colborne, ON), 11. Zac McBride (Baltimore, ON), 12. Jessica Power (Kingston, ON), 13. Chris Watters (Springfield, ), 14. Chris Cunningham (Cazenovia, ), 15. Trevor Wright, 16. Kyle Wilson (Joyceville, ON), 17. Chris Ferguson (Chesterville, ON), 18. Josh Kirkland (Maitland, ON), 19. Rob Knapp (Niagara Falls, ON), 20. Derek VanMill, 21. Eric Varin (Gatineau, QC), 22. Steve Shaw JR, 23. Joey Paquette (Kinburn, ON), 24. Jordan Cosco (St Catherines, ON), 25. Luke Carleton (Port Colborne, ), 26. James Friesen (St Catharines, ON), 27. Jamie Young (Sydenham, ), 28. Miguel Peterson (Long Sault, ON), 29. Michel Beyore (Colborne, ON), 30. Geneva Sheffield (Picton, ), 31. David Andre,


OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modified Division

  1. Kraig Handley (Picton, ON), 2. Andrew Hennessy (Picton, ON), 3. Curtis King ` (Wooler, ON), 4. Rich Sanders (Brighton, ON), 5. Shawn Gregory (Trenton, ON), 6. Brandon Gregory (Trenton, ), 7. Adam Whaley (Frankford, ON), 8. Leslie Turcotte-Mowat (Trenton, ON), 9. Nathan Rinaldi (Brighton, ON), 10. Derrick Greig (Belleville, ON), 11. Dave  Gill (Carrying Place, ), 12. Jonah Mutton (Brighton, ), 13. Louis Clements (Chatham, ON), 14. Doug O’Blenis (Napanee, ON), 15. Mike Lucas (Belleville, ON), 16. Brian Speelman (Blenheim, ON),


Vanderlaan Building Products Late Model Great Crate Race presented by Excel Tower Service

  1. Charlie Sandercock (Belleville, ON), 2. Brandon Mowat (Brighton, ON), 3. Dale Caswell, 4. Steve Baldwin (Trenton, ON), 5. Kyle Sopaz (Carrying Place, ON), 6. Tim Kerr (Picton, ON), 7. Robbie Wilson (Trenton, ON), 8. Harry Halliday, 9. Austin King (Port Hope, ON), 10. Terry Hunt (Carrying Place, ON), 11. Andy Mayhew (Picton, ON), 12. Adam Nayler (Quinte West, ON), 13. Mark Rayner  (Codrington, ), 14. Sam Pennecchio, 15. Elmer Stevenson (Trenton, ), 16. Caley Weese  (Carrying Place, ON), 17. Chad Homan, 18. Ken Winfield, 19. Phil Potts (Frankford, On), 20. Craig Graham (Orono, ON), 21. Micheal Goudie (Muskoka, ), 22. Tim Gillespie, 23. Greg Belyea  (Frankford, ON), 24. CJ Field (Chatham, ), 25. Chris Fleming, 26. Kyle Tasker (Peterborough, ON), 27. Brian Down (Trenton, ON),


Photos by Rod Henderson, CanadianRacer.com

IMG 0098            Mat Williamson (No. 6) held on for the final lap and a half to win his first career Applefest Shootout on day two of the Brighton Speedway on Saturday, September 23rd.

IMG 0484             The Great Crate Race for the Go Nuclear! Late Model Series shared center stage as a full field of cars competed for the big pay day on Saturday, September 23rd at Brighton Speedway. Home track regulars Brandon Mowatt (No. 46) and Charlie Sandercock (No. 57) started up front for the 50 lap A-main. The pair battled closely all night and exchanged the lead six times over the course of the race. When the dust settled Sandercock found his way to victory lane for the third straight time in the event.