The summer is coming together with a fantastic day and even better race surface.  Driver’s and fans alike were treated to some fast-paced racing and night full of thrilling action on the 1/3rd mile clay oval at Brighton Speedway as Bellevue Fabricating and Campbellford Chrysler presented the return of the Gords Water Vantastics with a complete race program of Late Models, Canadian Modifieds, Pro Stocks and Comp 4’s.

Sandercock makes it Six

The Vanderlaan Building Supplies Late Model division saw 30 laps of excitement.  Phil Potts (No. 29) and Charlie Sandercock (#57) would start on the pole after both experiencing technical issues in the previous weeks race.  Sandercock would get the jump coming off turn four and wouldn’t look back for the rest of the race leading all 30 laps for his sixth win of 2017.  Potts would give the 57 a run for his money on a few restarts but was batting an ill handling race car.  In the end, the real battle would be for second place as it was all Potts could do to fend off challenges from Andy Mayhew (No. 1) and Brandon Mowat (No. 46).  Mayhew made a pass on Potts on lap 9 for the position only to be slowed up by lapped traffic and Potts would use momentum on the outside to power back around the outside on lap 25.  That is how the race would end with Sandercock, Potts, Mayhew, Mowat and Kyle Sopaz (No. 12) rounding out the top five.

Handley picks up second win of the season.

The Bainer’s OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modified division was almost a green to checkered race with only one caution slowing the 25-lap main event.  Leslie Mowat (No. 2) and Nathan Rinaldi (No. 3) lead the field to Green.  Mowat would take the initial lead but would only hold the spot for one lap before Derek Bowers would move to the top spot.  Bowers looked to be on cruise control while the battles were fast and furious behind him for all positions two through 14.  Sixth starting car Kraig Handley (No. 91) actually fell as far back as eighth early in the race and was slowly making his way back through the field up to fourth place by lap 19 when Mitch Rosborough (No. 36) spun causing the races only caution.  The caution was the last thing that Bowers wanted to see as it would erase his almost a straight away lead and bunch up the whole field.  On the restart Doug O’Blenis (No. 32) and Handley would power around the high side in corner one and two for the top two spots.  The two would spend the next five laps dueling for the lead with Handley edging out last weeks winner O’Blenis for his second win of the season.  Point leader Andrew Hennessy (No. 87) would edge Bowers at the line for third and fourth respectively with Curtis King (No. 07) would round out the top five.

85 Reid to the Checkers

The Brighton Automotive Pro Stock feature saw young racer Austin Reid (No. 85) collect his first checkered flag of 2017 in the Larry’s Towing 3rd Triple Crown race of the season.  It’s been a year since his last win so the weekend must hold good luck for the driver.  Brandon Murrell (No. 19) and Jason Preece (No. 73) brought the field of 18 cars to green and Murrell would jump to the early lead and looked strong out front of a tough bunch of cars including Preece, Reid, Justin Ramsay (No. 03), Wade Purchase (No. 53) and current point leader Doug Anderson (No. 72).  Throughout most of the feature it looked as if you could throw a blanket over the top six cars that were all mixing it up for position.  Murrell was able to fend off the challenges until lap 20 when Reid would drive around the outside of Murrell in corner one and two.  Murrell would take the lead back on lap 21 but Reid was not two be denied and made to move to the top spot for the final time on lap 22 holding on for the last three laps to win his first feature of the season.   Purchase and Anderson would also be able to work past Murrell in the final three laps to finish second and third respectively with Murrell finishing forth and Preece earning his best finish of the year with a fifth place.

Flieler back in Victory Lane

The Bill’s Johns Comp 4 division was running green to checker with out a caution, Keith Dunk (No. 22) and Bella Costick (No. 24) would bring the field to green but it was sixth starting Adam Flieler (No. 11) that was on the move early.  Jumping to second spot by the completion of lap 1 and taking the lead from Matthew Moore (No.14) by lap three. Flieler would not look back as he leads the remainder of the race.  Current point leader Tyler French (No. 0) started eighth and had to work hard for every position he could get finally getting to second spot on lap 12 where he would finish behind Flieler.  Adam Wells (No. 48) would come home third with Jeff Humphry (No.17) and Moore rounding out the top five.

Up Next – Southern Ontario Sprints Return

Next Saturday night, August 5th celebrate the Civic Long Weekend with Rapid Rad, Read’s Accounting and MyFM 93.3 as they host the Southern Ontario Sprints presented by Sanderson Tire & Automotive Racing alongside the OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modifieds, Brighton Automotive Pro Stocks, the Bill’s Johns Comp 4 ABC Taxi Triple Crown Race 3 and the Quinte Septic Stingers.  Hot Laps begin at 6:00 PM and Racing starts at 7:00 PM. Adult admission is $20.00.  For more information visit

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About Brighton Speedway: Brighton Speedway is a 1/3-mile clay stock car racing oval located on the shores of Lake Ontario in Brighton, Ont. The speedway hosts five weekly stock car divisions on Saturday nights from May to September.

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Photo Credit: Rod Henderson


IMG 1811  Austin Reid (No. 85) takes home his first checkered flag of 2017 during the Bellevue Fabricating Ltd. night at Brighton Speedway on July 29th.

IMG 2950 Doug O’Blenis (No. 32) and Kraig Handley (No. 91) battled for the top spot in the OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modified Feature Saturday July 29th at Brighton Speedway with Handley taking the checkered flag on lap 25.

Brighton Speedway Feature Finishes July 29th, 2017

Bill’s Johns Comp 4 Division Feature Finish 7/29/17

  1. Adam Flieler (Trenton, ON), 2. Tyler French (Belleville, ON), 3. Adam Wells (Stirling, ), 4. Jeff Humphry (Belleville, ON), 5. Matthew Moore (Port Hope, ON), 6. Bella Cosstick (Trenton, ON), 7. Joel Dempster (Bloomfield, ), 8. Kevin Hertendy (Cobourg, ON), 9. Keith Dunk (Brighton, ON), 10. Luke Toms (Port Hope, ON), 11. Matthew French (Frankford, On),

Brighton Automotive Pro Stock Division Feature Finish 7/29/17

Larry’s Towing Triple Crown Race 3

  1. Austin Reid (Brighton, ON), 2. Wade Purchase (Demorestville, ON), 3. Doug Anderson (Trenton, ON), 4. Brandon Murrell (Gores Landing, ON), 5. Jason Preece (Trenton, ), 6. Steven Stachura (Frankford, ON), 7. Justin Ramsay (Charlie Sandercock) (Trenton, ON), 8. Warren Mowat (Trenton, ON), 9. Chris Dorland (Demorestville, ON), 10. Carissa Burrows (Ameliasburgh, ON), 11. Jeff Howard (Trenton, ON), 12. Dan Insley (sub Steve Insley) (Wellington, ON), 13. Jonah Lewis (Shannonville, ON), 14. Mike Freeman (Brighton, ON), 15. Adam Switzer (Napanee, ), 16. James Boyer (Picton, ON), 17. Angie Kirby (Ameliasburg, ), 18. Samantha Mayhew (Jonah Mutton) (Lakeport, ON), 19. Cory White, 20. Weston Ellis (Colborne, ),

Vanderlaan Building Supplies Pro Late Models Division Feature Finish 7/29/17

  1. Charlie Sandercock (Belleville, ON), 2. Phil Potts (Frankford, On), 3. Andy Mayhew (Picton, ON), 4. Brandon Mowat (Brighton, ON), 5. Kyle Sopaz (Carrying Place, ON), 6. Steve Baldwin (Trenton, ON), 7. Caley Weese (Carrying Place, ON), 8. Austin King (Port Hope, ON), 9. Greg Belyea  (Frankford, ON), 10. Robbie Wilson (Trenton, ON), 11. Mark Rayner (sub Bradley Rayner) (Codrington, ), 12. Terry Hunt (Carrying Place, ON), 13. Trevor Lewis* (Shannonville, ON), 14. Adam Turner (Picton, ON), 15. Micheal Goudie (Muskoka, ),

OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modified Division Feature Finish 7/29/17

  1. Kraig Handley (Picton, ON), 2. Doug O’Blenis (Napanee, ON), 3. Andrew Hennessy (Picton, ON), 4. Derek Bowers (Belleville, ON), 5. Curtis King (Wooler, ON), 6. Derrick Greig (Belleville, ON), 7. Brandon Gregory (Trenton, ), 8. Nathan Rinaldi (Brighton, ON), 9. Shawn Gregory (Trenton, ON), 10. Mitch Rosborough (Picton, ON), 11. Adam Whaley (Frankford, ON), 12. Leslie Turcotte-Mowat (Trenton, ON), 13. Mike Lucas (Belleville, ON), 14. Justin Ramsay (Charlie Sandercock) (Trenton, ON),

Gord’s Water Vantastics Division Feature Finish 7/29/17

  1. Chris Lammle (Trenton, ON), 2. Quin/Colton Dibbits/Rutherford (Wooler, ), 3. Grant Wonnacott (Port Hope, ), 4. Bryer MacLean (Cobourg, ), 5. Shelley/Sherrie MacLean/Foote (Trenton, ), 6. Ryan Farqonar (Stirling, ), 7. Aaron Hammel (Madoc, ), 8. Jane Sopaz (Carry Place, ), 9. Rod Conley (Stockdale, ), 10. Adam Switzer (Napanee, ), 11. Megan Golden (Stirling, ON),